A biscotti by any other name…would be a tozzetti?


Plate full of biscotti tozzetti

I am still slightly uncertain as to why this cookie is not a biscotti. After all, they are both “twice cooked” which is the general translation of biscotti. I’ll concede there is a slight difference in the dough. When I’ve made biscotti, the dough tends to be drier and some light kneading is usually required to get the logs properly formed. The tozzetti batter was much looser and after its first baking, looked more “free form” than traditional biscotti.

But presenting your co-workers with cookies that look like biscotti, while telling them they are not in fact biscotti, makes you feel a little silly.

And yet I’m happy I trusted Bon Appetite’s recipe because, no matter what you call these unassuming crunchy cookies, they are delicious. I’m a sucker for any kind of sweet that goes best with coffee because then you can eat it for breakfast without an ounce of guilt. These were perfect dunked into my morning cup of joe.

And, for a treat later in the day, tozzetti go great alongside a glass of sweet wine. I didn’t have any Vin Santo, but Argyle Winery’s Minus Five dessert wine was a delicious accompaniment.

I certainly think the cookies were tasty enough to warrant a second run, but there are a few adjustments to make. I’ll chop up the blanched whole almonds to make slicing through them easier. And I might add a splash of almond or anise extract just to enrich the flavor. But besides that, the recipe is a simple, sweet keeper.

Give it a try!

Tozzetti dough

It’s not as stiff and dry as traditional biscotti dough. Instead it feels more like a log of regular cookie dough. No kneading this stuff!

After the first baking

After the first baking…

After the first baking...

Once the log is baked through, let it cool and then slice it thinly. Spread the cookies out and bake them for a second time until they are crunchy.

Looks familiar, right?

Looks familiar, right?




5 thoughts on “A biscotti by any other name…would be a tozzetti?

  1. bee-you-ti-full! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that you have improvements on BA recipes now. The student becomes the master ๐Ÿ˜€ By saying these cookies can be dipped in that morning cup of joe, you are giving me permission to eat these cookies for breakfast, yes?

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