Ultimate Autumn Breakfast: Apple Oven (Pan)Cake

Apple Oven Cake

Apple Oven Cake w. Powdered Sugar

I was leafing through Sunset magazine a week or so ago when a recipe for an Apple Oven Cake jumped out at me. Given my fixation on apple cider and butter, it’s a no-brainer that something involving apples and cake would be at the top of my fall baking list. However, my plans for it were a little off base.

Somehow I missed that this cake is more of a puffed pancake (a la Dutch baby) than a cake-cake. Good thing I read the reviews before I started baking because this isn’t the sort of cake that gets better as it sits! Oh no, it’s best eaten right out of the oven, spoonful after spoonful, while it deflates like a fallen souffle.

So while I had planned to ply my co-workers with apple-filled goodness, I baked this warm, caramel-y treat for my husband instead. It was a lazy Sunday morning and we had a long hard day of wine tasting ahead of us. I thought this apple cake would make the perfect (and filling!) fall brunch.

And this time around, I was right on track.

It was delicious — warm, gooey, filling and happy. The apples are sautéed in brown sugar and butter, then the batter is poured in and the mixture is baked until puffy. Seriously — life doesn’t get much better than this.

Sautéed apples in brown sugar

Sautéed apples in brown sugar

Pouring in the batter

Pouring in the batter

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

Apple Cake: Up close and personal.

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

A dusting of powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon is all that’s needed!

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

A plate full of yum!


19 thoughts on “Ultimate Autumn Breakfast: Apple Oven (Pan)Cake

  1. 🙂 Multiple comments on this: 1) Sunset? Wha? Don’t you mean Bon Appetit? 2) love how your version looks exactly like the original photo. Mine never does. 3) re: apple cider. Saw it at the store after reading your last post about loving cider and was inspired (by you) to pick up a gallon. We’re loving it and will need to go back for more soon. 4) This cake looks amazing and lovely. Yes, it would make the perfect weekend brunch. Cake for a meal–liking it!

    • Ha! Busted. I do cheat on BA with a few others periodicals — shhhh! And I’m glad you’ve been loving the cider purchase. I have just purchased my fifth half gallon. Eek! I’ve been picking up different brands from wherever I go. The one from the corn maze farm store is the best so far. So good! Please make this — incredibly easy, tasty and not overly sweet at all.

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