Gingerbread “Truffles”

Gingerbread "truffles" with lemon icing and candied orange peels

Gingerbread “truffles” with lemon icing and candied orange peels

Even though I have yet to buy a single Christmas gift (eek!), I have already immersed myself in holiday baking projects. With the rate the holiday season is approaching, I had to start early or it’d be January before I knew it!

These little guys were one of the easiest creations I’ve made this season and I pretty much love them. The recipe is very easy to follow and you don’t even have to turn on your oven!

Basically they are bite-sized “truffles” made from oats, pecans, dates, flax seed, molasses and spices. Somehow something so relatively healthy (when compared to the decadence of other holiday treats) still manages to taste like a sweetly chewy gingersnap cookie.

And did I mention how crazy easy they are? If you have a food processor, they are a snap. Simply process the oats into a fairly fine mixture and then do the same with the toasted pecans and then with the dates — all separately. Once the dates are finely minced, add all ingredients in and blend until the mixture comes together.

Chill, roll into balls, top with icing.

Rolled up balls of gingery love.

Rolled up balls of gingery love.

The icing is simply powdered sugar mixed with lemon juice and zest until it forms a thick but pourable mixture. I think the citrus really helped amp up the flavor in these. Once the icing was drizzled on top, I garnished each one with more lemon zest or a tiny piece of candied orange peel.

Gingerbread "truffles" with lemon icing

Once the icing is set you’re ready to plate them up for your next holiday gathering!

Gingerbread "truffles" with lemon icing

Gingerbread "truffles" with lemon icing

I also would highly recommend making your own candied orange peels. Even though you’ll only need a little bit for these, they are amazing chopped up and put onto iced sugar cookies, dipped in chocolate or eaten as is. They are a bit of a process to make but easy enough. My friend DB and I make them together every year — see our tutorial here!

Gingerbread "truffles" with lemon icing

My absolute favorite "must make" holiday treat!

My absolute favorite “must make” holiday treat!


11 thoughts on “Gingerbread “Truffles”

    • Thanks! You know, I think either that recipe or another one is making the rounds lately. I had a few co-workers mention the same thing. Hope you give them a try if you haven’t already — they are super delicious!

  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! These look amazing! I wonder if I could use some crumbled gingerbread biscuits in this too (I have rather a lot)? Thinking cap now official ‘on’.

    • Thank you! And I bet gingerbread biscuits would be perfect in here — maybe use them instead of the oats and cut back on some of the spice. In fact, that sounds so good I may have to give it a go myself. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! =)

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