Me in a nutshell

I used to be such a slob that I won messiest room in my college dorm’s slam book. It wasn’t a surprise. My roommate and I were filthy, I make no excuses. Now I am obsessed with a clean house. It’s exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

I used to not know how to cook anything except really good scrambled eggs and a great bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese. Then I started cooking at my dad’s restaurant, went to culinary school and worked in the industry until 2008. I now work as a distributor, selling meat to local chefs and retail stores. While I love my job, I occasionally miss being in a professional kitchen with its excellent combination of moral support and dirty talk. But now I get the best of both worlds and that can’t be beat.

I used to hate Oregon, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I used to think I would end up a crazy cat lady. Then I worked with this interesting and adorable guy who wooed me with gifts of new Global knives and ice cream cakes. We got married. Now I have two cats and am still a little crazy.

Moral: some things change, some things remain the same.


23 thoughts on “Me in a nutshell

    • Thank you! It’s really hard being away from the professional kitchen, but it certainly revived my love for cooking. It’s much more fun cooking for my friends than cooking for picky strangers. =) And my husband ropes me into help him cater enough that I still get to play line cook. But the camaraderie in an office just does not compare.

  1. Your story is both amusing and enlightening. Thank you for following my favourite pastime, I really appreciate the kind gesture. I look forward to creations from your kitchen. Best wishes.

  2. Hmmm. I’ve been a bit obsessed with cleaning house for a while now–as a way to channel my anxiety. And let me tell you, with 2 young boys, it’s a challenge. However this year I’ve decided to channel my anxiety into something else–working out, writing, sex–who knows? Thanks for following along at Wine and Cheese (doodles). I am really looking forward to coming back and reading more about you and your quest for cleanliness and good food ;-).

  3. Your hubby sounds like quite the keeper! Lucky you! Knives and ice cream cakes…what more could a girl want?? My boyfriend bought me a great Takamura chef knife for Christmas. He has also gotten me ice cream cakes in the past. Maybe he’s a keeper, too! πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks for the follow! Former line cook over here too; it’s a world unto itself, but it wasn’t mine for the long haul. Always good to be in touch with other peeps of the kitchen community, though!

    • Sorry I missed this comment so long ago! Life in the kitchen is a rough one — I can definitely say I don’t miss certain aspects of it. Though I think there’s always a sense of really knowing someone once you’ve worked the line with them. It’s hard to get that feeling from an office job!

  5. Love your blog. We are kindred former kitchen spirits AND I used to live in Oregon 1977-1981 and I slung hash at Portland Golf Club, Robertinos and Farrago and Aldo’s downtown, most of which I’m sure do not exist any more. Check out What’s your next Career Move after Chef on you might get a kick out of it.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to meet a fellow Portlander (even if it’s former in your case). I don’t recognize any of those places so it’s definitely possible that are no longer around. I feel like for all of Portland’s “foodie” reputation, places are constantly closing here. I guess the good thing is new spots are always popping up so there’s always somewhere new to go. Heading over to visit you now! =)

      • Portland was kind of sleepy back then, far from the foodie town it now apparently is. But nights downtown was hoppin with New Wave and Punk trickling down from Canada and Seattle. Is Horst Mager still around? My best friend worked for him at Tivoli Garden, he was the restaurant guru of the time.

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