In the Belly of the Beast: Maple Pork Belly w. Corn Waffles

Pork Belly PromisesOh pork belly. After years of being on the upswing of trendy foods, it amazes me how many people still don’t know what pork belly is. In my job as a meat distributor, I work mainly with chefs who are well-versed in their cuts of meat. However we often get calls from “general public” people (our term for those unassociated with the industry) who want to buy pork belly because they need it for a recipe, but have no idea what it is and are often worried that it’s some bizarre unusual piece of meat.

I then get to explain to them that they’ve most likely been eating pork belly for years — in its cured and smoked form, bacon. Usually they are shocked, which I always find a little funny. But it makes me happy to know more and more people who are not chefs are getting to appreciate this delicious and decadent cut of pork.

My point here is that pork belly = glorious, happy goodness.

Which is why for Thanksgiving this year my husband and I said screw the turkey, let’s cook a pork belly. We actually did a whole “Momofuku” spread with steamed buns, pickled vegetables and roasted pork belly (don’t worry, a full post is in the works!). It was an amazing meal, but considering it was a monstrous 12-pound piece of pork, we still had lots of leftovers.

Which means I had an opportunity to make this dish for dinner last week:

Pork Belly Perfection!

Pork Belly Perfection: Corn and Cheddar Waffles with Maple-Glazed Pork Belly.

It was absolutely, positively as fantastic as it looks! I promise you. If you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to make it yourself.

Did I just hear you say “challenge accepted”?

Okay then, follow my lead:

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Waffles & Mimosas with Fictional Friends

My friend Oliver and I are obsessed with Gossip Girl. Well, to be honest, we are obsessed with Chuck and Blair. They are just too beautiful and perfect for each other.

Last night we watched the final three episodes of the latest season and decided to indulge in a waffle and champagne dinner while we watched. If you follow Gossip Girl you will know that they are always eating waffles. Rufus, Dan’s father, is apparently infamous for his amazing waffle brunches, so every other episode shows someone chowing down on a plateful of them. And it’s made us increasingly jealous, especially since they always seem to be sipping on champagne too.

We may not live on the Upper East Side — or in New York at all *ahem* — but that didn’t stop us from putting together a pretty kick-ass spread.

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