Last-Minute Grilled Eggplant

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So I’ve mentioned before that my friend DB and I have a standing date almost every Saturday to cook together. Sometimes we have a well-thought-out game plan of what we want to make and other times we fly by the seat of our pants. Both have the potential for failure or success.

The last time we got together, we succeeded fantastically. And even though we had a basic idea of what to make, one of the best things we prepared was almost an after thought. The menu was fairly simple, Korean-style grilled shortribs and some grilled zucchini. Which if you haven’t made these shortribs yet, you really need to do it now! They are so ridiculously good! Here’s a post with the how-to basics and a few recipe ideas. And here’s a picture for inspiration, of course!

But we needed something else to snack on so the wheels started turning. DB had brought over an eggplant so while he cooked it on the grill, I ran to the kitchen to see what else we could add to it.

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