Lesson Learned: Smoked Meat at Schwartz’s

So a while ago I posted about a colossal mistake I made while in New York City. I committed a sin that I still have a hard time thinking about. On our final day in the city, we made the pilgrimage to Katz’s Deli where I ordered a cheeseburger. Yes, yes, I know. It was a terrible idea but I was really too hungover to think straight and so I ordered poorly.

Today I knew better.

Schwartz’s is on everyone’s list of places you must eat while visiting Montreal, and my husband and I were determined to eat there at some point on our vacation. So today we headed straight from our hotel to St. Laurent and waited in a short line to get our food to go. Our order was simple: two smoked meat sandwiches and a cherry soda. Of course, it should be noted, Schwartz’s doesn’t even give you the opportunity to make a regretful decision. Their menu is concise.

We walked out ten minutes later, past the huge line of people waiting to be seated, clutching a brown bag full of meat gold. We meandered over to the entrance of the Parc du Mont-Royal and then took a nice seat in the shade to enjoy our lunch.

It was divine.

When the meat is this tender and juicy, all you need is a squirt of mustard.

Gratuitous Food Pic: Reubens at Katz’s Delicatessen

“I’ll have what she’s having…”

Last year, around this time, I flew to NYC with my husband to help him prepare a dinner at The James Beard House. We spent most of the trip in the kitchen cooking but luckily the day after the dinner we had a few hours to explore the city.

Our first stop of the afternoon was Katz’s Deli, known as the location for the infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally as well as for its amazing sandwiches. I have never been a fan of the Reuben before — I don’t like rye bread, I despise Thousand Island dressing and I have never been big on corned beef.

But this was by far the most amazing sandwich I have ever tasted. The meat was incredibly tender and flavorful, and even though it wasn’t griddled (which seems to be the norm), it still blew every Reuben I’ve tried out of the water.

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