Was it Worth it? Turkey Fried Rice…with Potato Chips

  • The Source: Food & Wine June 2012
  • The Cook: Just me…all alone…
  • The Menu: Turkey Fried Rice with Potato Chips *only adaptation was adding blanched green beans and asparagus, some spicy mustard greens and a bit of Thai basil. I just can’t help but add in extra vegetables, especially when my dinner involves copious amounts of carbs with the addition of potato chips!
  • The Background: It was 85 degrees outside, I was exhausted from work and my long hot bike ride home, and I was so hungry I contemplated just eating the chips for dinner.
  • How it began:

Which one of these things is not like the others?

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Water Buffalo Larb (for when tradition goes out the window)

I love larb — it’s one of my favorite meals to eat when it’s hot outside and I’m craving something spicy but light. Larb (a dish that hails from Laos and Thailand) is often prepared with ground pork, but I have also made it with ground turkey, just for health purposes. Even with such a lean meat, the lime juice, chilis and fish sauce keep it flavorful and delicious.

This time around I decided to go really out there and make it with some ground local water buffalo that I had on hand, another perk of my job as a meat distributor. Water buffalo is very lean and a bit beefy (more so than regular bison) so it seemed like a good fit for this dish.

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