Lesson Learned: Smoked Meat at Schwartz’s

So a while ago I posted about a colossal mistake I made while in New York City. I committed a sin that I still have a hard time thinking about. On our final day in the city, we made the pilgrimage to Katz’s Deli where I ordered a cheeseburger. Yes, yes, I know. It was a terrible idea but I was really too hungover to think straight and so I ordered poorly.

Today I knew better.

Schwartz’s is on everyone’s list of places you must eat while visiting Montreal, and my husband and I were determined to eat there at some point on our vacation. So today we headed straight from our hotel to St. Laurent and waited in a short line to get our food to go. Our order was simple: two smoked meat sandwiches and a cherry soda. Of course, it should be noted, Schwartz’s doesn’t even give you the opportunity to make a regretful decision. Their menu is concise.

We walked out ten minutes later, past the huge line of people waiting to be seated, clutching a brown bag full of meat gold. We meandered over to the entrance of the Parc du Mont-Royal and then took a nice seat in the shade to enjoy our lunch.

It was divine.

When the meat is this tender and juicy, all you need is a squirt of mustard.

Things that make me happy: Stags Above Fire

Stag head decor at Altura Restaurant in Seattle, WA

So I spent a big chunk of last week in Seattle on business. Since I’m affiliated with the food industry, “business” included a lot of eating, and a lot of really good eating at that. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time was at Altura, a fairly new restaurant located in the Capitol Hill area. The food blew me away — every dish was incredible! — but I loved the decor almost as much.

My favorite piece was this miniature iron stag head that rested above a candle nestled into a brick wall. It took me until the next morning (I had an awful lot of wine with my 15-course dinner) to realize that it was a play on a stag head mounted above a fireplace. I loved it even more after that. I mean, really — how awesome is this?!