A good start for the new year

The best part of waking up on Sunday, January 1st, was knowing I still had one more day of laziness ahead of me. Hooray for long, holiday weekends! I woke up late and was reveling in being absolutely unmotivated. I left the house only once (my sign of a relaxing day) and that was because we were in dire need of kitty litter.

my inspiration! recipes posted above my oven.

At first I was all set to make the trip to the store a quick in and out procedure. But in the back of my mind, I knew we needed groceries and I knew that if I was going grocery shopping, the least I could do was select the first recipe to make in the new year. In the spirit of resolution dedication, I bravely selected two new recipes to try out: a kale and brussels sprout salad and the “ultimate mac and cheese.”¬†

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A resolution for the new year


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Every year, my resolutions usually revolve around eating better, exercising more and other boring things that probably half of all Americans resolve to do. Oh, and getting/keeping my house organized, which is also very popular. In fact, it seems like … Continue reading