My cats like it when I cook…


Simply for the possibility that the kitchen window will be open.

Tuxedo kitties in window

Longing for the squirrels that they cannot chase.

Tuxedo kitties in window

The gruesome twosome: always optimistic that one day the screen will not be there.

A quick moment to appreciate the quirkiness of cats


A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of changing my sheets and digging out all of the throw pillows from underneath the bed, when I was distracted by the siren call of Law & Order SVU. A few hours later, I returned to complete the task and found this waiting for me…

Hey, as long as he’s comfortable right?

Oh Lucifer, you used to be such a street-smart alley cat. Now look at you — you’re like a feline version of the Princess and the Pea.

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Confession Time — My kitty is a peeping tomcat

Things that make me laugh: that my cat is nosier than I am

I’ve mentioned before that my neighbors are crazy, like absolutely bat-shit crazy. I have no idea what goes on over there, but every day I hope they get evicted. Until that happens, I remain glued to my windows, surreptitiously spying on them.

But I’m in good company. Whenever they are outside, in the midst of a mid-day screaming match, Lucifer is right next to me. And since he’s a cat, he doesn’t have to worry about maintaining a sense of decorum.

Luckily, in my household, curiosity has never killed a cat!

Stray Cat Strut — Meet Lucifer (formerly known as the Evil One)

A while back I wrote a post about our newest kitty, the fluffy Mr. Gus Gus, and I think that my other cats were feeling a little left out. At least that’s what I determined from the influx of hair balls on the kitchen floor. So it only seemed fair to spread the love and write each of them a post too.

Let’s start with Lucifer.

Lucifer was a hellion when we first got him, hence his name. People say oh, well of course he turned out to be trouble with a name like that. Here’s the deal though — we waited almost two weeks before picking out a name and that was after he tore up a new leather jacket, ate our houseplants and generally tortured us with his constant desire to be on top of everything.

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