Home Improvement: Before and After Project Patio

When my husband and I bought our house almost 5 years ago, we knew there were projects that needed to be done. One of the biggest problems was the backyard. The “lawn” was just weeds, the fence was half chain-link, half wood (and falling apart) and there was no level place for our patio furniture and grill.

Building a new fence took us two summers and we finally paid someone to level the yard and lay sod two years ago. I dreamed about a patio but we kept procrastinating until the area that we had cleared was once again covered in weeds.

Then two months ago my husband said that he wanted to build us a patio using pavers. I was emphatically opposed, wanting to hire a professional instead, but he refused to listen.

Good thing too because just last week project patio was complete and I have to admit, he did a damn good job!

Before Pics of Backyard

Our backyard four years ago — so depressing!

Backyard Now: Project Patio is complete

Love it!

Backyard Now: Project Patio is complete

Once we wheel the kegerator out here, it’s going to be paradise!