A Sweet and Salty Affair

Brown-Butter Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies

The first thing I should do is warn you that the batter for these cookies needs to sit for at least 8 hours. So don’t think that you can whip these up after work and still be able to go to sleep on time (though these are certainly worth missing your bedtime for!).

I was trying to make these cookies to celebrate my very good friend Ariel’s return to work (I managed to suffer through her three months of maternity leave). But alas, I was a day late. I think she forgave me though, as these cookies are liable to make even your worst enemies smile as though they like you.

They are a crowd pleaser really, working overtime to give you everything you might want from a cookie — chocolate chips for the sweet, pretzels for the salt, brown butter for a hint of nut and butterscotch for the unexpected. And while even making the batter will take a while (after browning, the butter needs to cool for about 20 minutes), it certainly isn’t difficult.

And, trust me, all the anticipation pays off. They were so good I don’t think they lasted more than 15 minutes in my office!

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A toast for a friend…


I sent a text yesterday as we have both been traveling, but I felt like he deserved more than that (though I’m sure we’ll celebrate in person when we see each other next). So here’s to my pal DB — hope you had an awesome birthday. Much love, my friend!


Anyone who regularly reads this blog will not need help identifying which bottles are mine and which are his…please don’t hold the flavored vodka against me — it makes an excellent smoothie!