Wild About Game: A weekend of meat, booze and high jinks

It's so serious we have knives engraved!

It’s so serious we have knives engraved!

We have a saying about WAG: What happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain. So I can’t show you any of the truly ridiculous pictures from last Sunday but I can show you lots of fancy food porn and I know that’s really what you’re here for.

First though, we must start at the beginning:

Welcome to the Mountain!

The view from Timberline Lodge is incredible in the summer. I hate snow, ice and the cold so I can’t speak to what it looks like in the winter, but seriously, in the summer, it’s breathtaking — even when you’re up way too early after not enough sleep!

View from Timberline Lodge

View from Timberline Lodge

Meet the Meat:

Next up is the food. At Wild About Game, the focus is on game meats. So there is everything from elk and quail to Oregon-raised water buffalo and rabbit available for sampling. We also include lots of bonus meats: locally made charcuterie, Kobe beef, hazelnut-fed pork and non-meats: cheeses, pickled quail eggs, Oregon sea salt.  And it’s all there for the eating…even the ice cream made with cherries and bone marrow!

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Gratuitous Food Porn: Dinner at the Herb Farm

The Herb FarmEarlier this year, I posted about taking a tour of my company’s elk farm with my boss and two co-workers. We brought the chef, owners and several employees from the Herb Farm with us because they were planning to us some of our elk for their winter menu. These are the types of field trips you get to take when you sell meat for a living! Anyways we had such a fantastic time together that it really motivated me to take a trip to Woodinville to try some of elk when it appeared on their harvest menu.

My husband and I ended up making the trek in early December and it was just as wonderful as we could have hoped. The food was fabulous and meat sourced from my company was scattered throughout the menu — including our rabbit, venison and, of course, elk.

Here’s what the experience was like…

The scenery:

Statues outside of the Herb FarmThe little things that made it extra awesome:

Love the little booklet for the menu!

Love the little booklet for the menu!

Along with the included wine flight, my husband and I also got the "Three Muscat-Tiers," a trio of muscat wines from Australia.

Along with the included wine flight, my husband and I also got the “Three Muscat-Tiers,” a trio of muscat wines from Australia. I couldn’t stop laughing at the pun. Brilliant!

My favorite dishes from the 9-course tasting menu:

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What To Do When You Meet Your Meat

It’s rutting season and this guy means business

My job is to sell meat. And not just any meat but meat from animals that are locally raised, humanely treated and able to roam freely over acres of land. These animals are cared for by people who actually do care for them, which I was able to see first-hand on a recent trip to our elk farm.

A few lucky co-workers and I got to travel with our boss on a tour with a team of employees from the well-known, acclaimed restaurant the Herbfarm. We watched as the yearlings were fed and then saw the rest of the herd. The bulls were in full rut and we could hear them buggling from across the field. Only one still sported his antlers (George, pictured above) as the farmers usually remove them after velvet so the bulls don’t hurt each other as they vie for the attention of the females.

We saw a room in the barn covered in antlers, each one tagged so the farmers know which animal and what year they are from. It made for a pretty impressive display.

A room full of racks

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