Roasted Radicchio and Culinary Crushes

Roasted Radicchio, Anchovy and Lemon

Roasted Radicchio, Anchovy Dressing and Preserved Lemon

Culinary crushes are nothing new in this food-obsessed world we live in. Half of the women (and a few of the men) that I know would love to get some one-on-one time with Tony Bourdain. I, on the other hand, swing more towards domestic divas who have a way with words and can rock it out in the kitchen. Sure I love Martha, but one of my main crushes in the culinary sense is Molly Wizenberg.

I didn’t know much about her beforehand, but when I began getting a subscription to Bon Appetit years ago, I realized how much I looked forward to her monthly column, The Cooking Life. I enjoyed reading about her life, her family and her cooking experiences and slowly began following her blog Orangette as well.

In Bon Appetit, I remember reading about her and her husband moving to Seattle to start a pizza place. I was so excited when a few months later he actually called the company I work for to buy some meat. While taking his order on the phone, I was tempted to ask if he could pass along my undying devotion to his wife. Sure, it would have been a little creepy, but I’m not above that — I once, in person, told Jennifer Aniston that I loved her because she was so pretty.

Happily I managed to restrain myself this time!

At any rate, throughout the past few years (before her column ended), I’ve accumulated many of her Bon Appetit recipes — carefully filed in my binder, waiting for their day to shine. Last weekend, I rediscovered this one from September 2010. I was preparing a meal full of decadence (more on this soon, but it involved some full blood Wagyu beef!) and was in desperate need of a refreshing side dish to cut through all of the fat.

I love radicchio for its bitter bite and Molly’s Roasted Radicchio Salad with Lemon and Breadcrumbs seemed up for the challenge. Even though it’s not mentioned in the recipe, I would suggest soaking your radicchio first, unless you like really astringent flavors. I find just an hour in water will temper the sting. Then drain and dry thoroughly before brushing with oil and popping in your preheated oven.

Ready for the broiler!

Ready for the broiler!

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