Rainey Street Bar Crawl — how we started our vacation!

Beer Sampler, Craft Pride

Our first day in Austin was a doozy. My husband and I hit up 5 bars, 2 food trucks and had a run in with a very ambitious squirrel before getting back to our hotel around 1am. I was pretty impressed with us considering we had left our house in Portland at 4 am to catch our first flight.

We like to start our vacations with a bang!

We decided to hit up the Rainey Street district, a fairly small but bustling street (think bar after bar after bar). Our first stop was a place I have been dying to go since I first heard about it: Craft Pride. A bar that has 54 beers on tap (most of them local), a big patio and one of the best food trucks in the area, Via 313, makers of Detroit-style pizza.

While many of the options sounded great, we ordered the Rocket. Lots of sopressata, very cheesy and topped with spicy arugula. It was fantastic. Like crazy good. Half of this pie was enough to fill me up.

Rocket pizza, Via 313.

Rocket pizza, Via 313.

I immediately ordered an IPA from one of Austin’s most well-known breweries, 512. It was delicious. I followed that with a tasting tray, figuring it was the easiest way to try many things at once.

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