Salted limes make vodka happy…

Salted Lime Vodka Collins

Salted Lime Vodka Collins

I’ve been on a real Pok Pok tear lately — I’ve been cooking out of the book for the past few weeks and my daydreams have begun to feature fish sauce wings (a recipe I haven’t made yet). But even more than Ike’s famous wings, I have been craving a certain cocktail from Pok Pok — the salted plum vodka collins. Besides the odd beer here and there, this is the only thing I drink while dining there.

It is sweet, tart, tangy and intriguingly different from any other cocktail I’ve had. Once I discovered it, it was all I ever needed.

In fact I used to sit at the bar in the early days of Pok Pok (when it was less busy and you could actually just walk in and sit there) and stare down the bartender as he made it. I was determined to figure the recipe out — and after a few drinks one evening, I had it on mental lock down.

But alas, the day I was craving it the strongest, I didn’t have any salted plums on hand to get my fix. However I did have salted limes, which one of Pok Pok’s sister restaurants, The Whiskey Soda Lounge, uses in their salted lime vodka collins. Unsurprisingly, that is my go-to cocktail when I eat there.

Clearly there is a theme in my life — I like vodka drinks, I love salted things and put an Amarena cherry in there and I’m sold!

The ingredients for both cocktails are the same, except for the limes and plums, of course.

The basics...not pictured is the soda water.

The basics…not pictured is the soda water.

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Using liquid nitrogen to create the ultimate cool down cocktail

Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

Making a frosty gimlet with liquid nitrogen

Whenever my husband participates in a culinary event, I know it means our fridge will be full of delicious leftovers. Last weekend he was part of Plate & Pitchfork, an event that connects chefs with farmers to help benefit different charities. The chefs use produce from a specific farm and prepare a 5-course meal for around 80 diners. The entire event is held in the middle of the chosen farm, so it usually involves butane burners, a massive grill and some serious dedication.

Because my husband is a big fan of making an impression, every event he does he goes a little crazy. This time, crazy meant grilling up Iberico solomillo, the tenderloin from the exclusive acorn-fed Spanish hogs, and using liquid nitrogen to create a sweet corn ice cream on the fly.

Some awesome pictures of the event can be found here. But, to help entice you, here’s a picture that my friend DB took of the ice cream being made:
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