Street art with a side of street food in Austin, Texas

"Never give up" -- seen while kayaking on the Colorado River, Austin, TX

“Never give up” — seen while kayaking on the Colorado River, Austin, TX

As soon as I spotted this Pac-Man on the side of a bridge in Austin, I had a wave of inspiration.

I’ve been trying to cook a recipe from a favorite blog of mine each month as a kind of homage, but with this vacation and the crazy weeks leading up to it, I didn’t have time to get my culinary act together. But when I took this photo, I knew immediately what blog I wanted to mention this month — Waterfalls and Caribous.

Waterfalls and Caribous is a blog that I happen to come across long ago — I honestly can’t when I discovered it — but I was hooked immediately. While they post frequently about food, the main focus is their adventures while traveling, and seriously, they travel. I have followed them through India, Korea and into China. Their adventures can be as simple (and hilarious) as trying to find a great cup of coffee in Xi’an or as crazy as visiting the Haesindang (penis) Park in South Korea.

But I also really love that they love street art.

I’ve always enjoyed graffiti — when it’s done well — perhaps because I can’t draw at all. It’s really impressive what talented people can do with the side of a building (or bridge!) as their canvas.

So here’s some of the fun art I saw while wandering around in Austin last week:

Who doesn't love beer?

Who doesn’t love beer?

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Things that make me happy: Stags Above Fire

Stag head decor at Altura Restaurant in Seattle, WA

So I spent a big chunk of last week in Seattle on business. Since I’m affiliated with the food industry, “business” included a lot of eating, and a lot of really good eating at that. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time was at Altura, a fairly new restaurant located in the Capitol Hill area. The food blew me away — every dish was incredible! — but I loved the decor almost as much.

My favorite piece was this miniature iron stag head that rested above a candle nestled into a brick wall. It took me until the next morning (I had an awful lot of wine with my 15-course dinner) to realize that it was a play on a stag head mounted above a fireplace. I loved it even more after that. I mean, really — how awesome is this?!