The wonderful world of ramen…

Around three years ago, I rediscovered ramen. Before that my go-to soup when I wanted something easy and comforting was either cream of tomato or pho with fatty brisket and lots of lime. Ramen, in my mind, was still classified as a cheap college food, one that I hadn’t contemplated since graduation. Then one day, either sick or hungover, I was at Safeway when these intriguing “fresh” ramen bowls caught my eye. That was when I had my first Annie Chun Soup Bowl (Chinese Chicken flavor) and my whole world changed.

I won’t delve too much into the company, you can read about it yourself if you’re curious, but I will say what interested me from the beginning was that they are natural (no MSG), fresh (no fried noodles) and low in fat (only 2 grams of fat per pack). My first soup bowl was actually only a minor success. I liked the noodles, especially their texture, but it was bland. There was no love in that bowl. Then I read the recommendation for throwing in whatever veggies/protein you have around, which strangely hadn’t occurred to me before then. So I bought a second package and gave it another chance.

This time I was hooked.

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