Additions to my Rumtopf — White Nectarines


I did my first addition to my rumtopf this weekend. I had intended to wait until DB and I hung out again, but I had some white nectarines that were too perfectly ripe to resist. They were calling out to be soaked in the rum-filled crock of goodness. So I diced them up, stirred in some sugar and left them to sit for about thirty minutes. Then I added them to the strawberry and rum mixture — which is really smelling fantastic! I can’t wait until December when I finally get to try it. Until then, I’ll be on the prowl for more juicy ripe fruit to throw in.

Have you started your own rumtopf yet? You probably should — it’s not too late!

Check out this post for details on how to do it.

How cute is my little blue duck crock?

The color from the strawberries has really leached into the rum

On Rum and Friendship…

People have many different ways of defining friendship. Just look around on Pinterest if you don’t believe me — you’ll find a ton of various posts about how to determine if someone qualifies to be a best friend or not. One of my favorites is “A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body.” While I haven’t — and hopefully won’t — ever need to move a body, I still appreciate the sentiment.

After this weekend, I have developed my own definition, more tailored to my own life. “A friend will let you come over and pick a few pounds of strawberries out of his garden. A very good friend will give you rum to soak them in.”

And my friend DB is a very good friend indeed.

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The Beer Chronicles: Hyve Honey Ale

A sweet success or a stinging mistake?

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned how much I love beer. I love beer so so very much.

Sometimes I think I missed my calling. Maybe I should have been a brew master instead of working in the food industry. Luckily, I have plenty of open evenings in my life to freelance as an unprofessional, unpaid beer taster — which is probably way more fun anyhow.

And happily, I live in a town known for its numerous micro-breweries and year-round beer festivals, both of which help me indulge my fondness on a regular basis. There are also quite a few upscale beer markets to frequent when I’m looking for something a little more unusual, like a fancy Belgium style beer or maybe a sour ale. I tend to shop mainly at the Belmont Station, because it’s the most accessible to my house, but there are plenty of other fun beer shops in Portland to explore as well.

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