Why I write in line cook shorthand & use recipe links

Over the years, I have had some readers say “I saw that dish on your blog and it looked great…but you didn’t post the actual recipe. What gives?” There is a great reason for that, but instead of answering each inquiry individually, I thought I’d just post an explanation for everyone to see.

Here’s the deal — with some unnecessary rambling added in because that’s how I roll.

Yes, I used to cook professionally. But I was always a line cook, never a chef. Unlike what my grandma believes, you don’t just go to culinary school and come out a chef. You can work in kitchens for years and still just be a cook. I was destined to always just be a cook (until, of course, I changed careers entirely).

My husband, on the other hand, is a chef. And an excellent one at that.

The difference is chefs create recipes and the cooks follow their directions. While I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, this blog is not meant to be about original recipes. If I do decide to post dishes that I’ve created or adapted, I’ll be sure to let you know step-by-step how I made it.

Warning: I do tend to write in a more “method” type of way — like line-cook shorthand. So if you need clarification on something, just ask. I’m happy to elaborate!

* But a lot of what I do in life (and therefore in this blog), is cook recipes from the myriads of literature I have accessible to me, be that in cookbooks, magazines, other blogs, etc. So instead of wasting time — which could better spent cooking more food — retyping all those recipes, I have provided links directly to them. I also feel that this is a way to give the original creator credit, something I feel strongly about!

If you have any issues with any of the links, please let me know!


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