Missions to Accomplish in 2015

In no particular order, some food goals for 2015:

Make more dim sum! Particularly new ones like char siu bao and shu mai.
Make black licorice
Get better at phat si ew — try a few new recipes to find the best
Make three new recipes from the Pok Pok cookbook and make som tam thai, ba mii tom yam muu haeng and the sweetened condensed milk affagato as well
Make more with masa — get better at tortillas, pupusas and tamales!
Make a sweet/spicy fruit/pepper jelly
Make corn chips (faux Fritos)
Make ginger beer
Make faux Goldfish crackers
Make more of these cookies and make cupcakes using these
Perfect at least 6 more Jello shot recipes
Make more bread (or at least lose my fear of yeast)
Make candied ginger
Make preserved lemons
Make some good Hot & Sour Soup
Learn some pressure cookery skills
Brew some beer
Cook more with friends!


4 thoughts on “Missions to Accomplish in 2015

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