Back in the {blogging} saddle…

Seared foie gras with cherries

Seared foie gras with cherries, Loulay Kitchen & Bar, Seattle, WA

In case you were concerned, like my mother was, about why this blog has been so quiet lately, I have a lame but entirely honest excuse — life got crazy.

At first, in mid-February, I became so bogged down in planning my birthday party (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s my favorite holiday and I take it seriously) that I had no time for cooking projects, let alone photographing and writing about them. I was too immersed in making this year’s birthday extravaganza as awesome as possible. (Not to brag, but I totally succeeded.)

My theme, The Drunker Games, was a play on the Hunger Games and involved 14 adults, a city park, oranges in nylons and other strange and unusual field day games. There was one true winner, lots of beer and plenty of laughs.

Then came my actual birthday, which I celebrated by taking a trip to the Oregon coast with my husband. Immediately following that was a long weekend in Seattle with a co-worker, which involved a lot of eating under the guise of work/sales calls (18 restaurants capped by an all-you-can-eat crab dinner).

And then it was March….I don’t even remember March. I had to look through my pictures to try to figure out what I did.

Apparently it was a whirlwind of weekend hikes and wine trips inspired by the incredible sunny weather. I didn’t do much cooking but I did do a lot of living.

And then somehow it became April…

I spent the first weekend at my alma mater, Humboldt State University, with two girls I worked with on the college newspaper, The Lumberjack. While we keep in touch via Facebook, it had been more than 7 years since we had all gotten together.

We rented a bungalow for two nights in the nearby coastal town of Trinidad, but spent most of our time away from it. We went to four beaches, two breweries, one winery, a college dive bar and Redwood Park. It was an epic adventure and we have a half-filled quote book to prove it.

Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, CA

Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, CA

And while that trip was a great chance to reconnect, somewhere in there it dawned on meย  that it had been two months since I had been on WordPress. I knew I needed to get my act together. Also, really, my mom called me to ask what was going on. “I have friends asking,” she said.

What can I say — a little adoration was all it took to get me back in the saddle, back on the computer and (fingers crossed) back on your screen.

And while work has been really nuts the past few weeks – so crazy that I’ve been too exhausted to cook and have been eating terribly – I do have some photos to share. Some even involve pretty food! Hopefully they will suffice as an apology for my absence.

And apologize I must, because while I’ve missed having time to cook and write, I’ve also missed having time to read all the blogs I enjoy so much. So prepare yourselves, because I’m back!

Nothing says a promise of things to come like salted shrimp!

Nothing says a promise of things to come like salted shrimp!

16 thoughts on “Back in the {blogging} saddle…

  1. That sounds like the best excuse for not blogging! Fun times ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, you have to do cool stuff to be able to have anything to write about!

    OH and you’re my new hero due to the fact you refer to your birthday as your favourite “holiday”. Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So true! The pros of a blogging break is I have lots of good catching up posts in the works.

      And yes! My birthday is my very favorite holiday ever. =) I really go all out. I’m a big fan of theme parties and always have prizes and goodie bags for my guests. Last year I did a 4- brewery beer tour using pedicabs to cart us around Portland. It was way fun! (Though I may need a birthday party intervention one of these years, it’s getting a little out of control.)

      • Funny guy! I’d tease you back by mentioning all the foie gras I’ve been eating over the past 2 months but you guys finally overturned that silly law so hopefully you’ve been indulging yourself as well. I do have some sexy Magnolia pictures though from a fancy luncheon last week in Seattle. I drool just thinking about them. Marbly meaty goodness.

  2. It’s good to see you back here and know that you’ve been missing because of having fun, and that nothing bad had happened! You’ve packed a lot of living into the last few months!

    • Lots of living indeed! I’ve been so busy I’ve been eating a lot of ramen and frozen burritos – not much in the way of incentive for a food blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The good news is absence did make my heart grow fonder — I’ve missed my WP friends!

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