I’m only here for the snacks

Party snacks by candlelight

Party snacks by candlelight – is there anything better?

There’s a song my husband plays sometimes that echos the refrain “There will be snacks.” Sometimes we sing it to each other even when the music isn’t playing.

And while the song seems to be about the end of days, mentioning survival kits and crumbled financial institutions, it still seems to imply that even the apocalypse can be made better by snacks.

Which is an idea I can totally get behind.

There’s just something about snacks that make me happy. Perhaps because making them (and eating them) suggests that friends, laughter, a nice glass of wine and plenty of fun are in my near future. Or maybe it reminds me of sitting exhausted on my couch, after the last guest has gone home, and being left alone to finish off the last odds and ends from the plates.

Whatever the reason, out of all the meals or menus I plan or partake in, it’s always the snacks that I love the most.

A while ago I went to a friend’s house for drinks, appetizers and board games. We never got to the board games because we were sidetracked by cocktails with awesome ice cubes and gossip. It happens.

Gin and "Titanic" ice cubes, complete with iceberg

Gin and “Titanic” ice cubes, complete with iceberg

There was also a clown…

Bozo Weeble Wobble -- it's best not to ask why...

Bozo Weeble Wobble — it’s best not to ask why…

At any rate, I will say the snacks were a success (not counting the sad crispy salami cocktail mix I already posted about).

Happily my other offerings were far better received:

I made these cashews, which were fried with rosemary sprigs and dusted in crunchy salt…

Rosemary Cashews

Rosemary Cashews (pay no mind to the dish on the right)

Then there were these salty sweet sesame cookies (which are insanely good — you must, must, must make them). They were like a slightly savory shortbread cookie — super tender, not overly sweet, and perfect with a glass of bubbles.

Salty and sweet sesame cookies

Salty and sweet sesame cookies

Salty and sweet sesame cookies

But these broiled deviled eggs were the black horse of the bunch.

Broiled Horseradish Deviled Eggs

Strangely enough it wasn’t until I actually got to making them that I realized the recipe was originally from a local chef. Apparently someone found the gently broiled deviled eggs so delicious they wrote to Bon Appetit requesting the recipe. And, thankfully, the chef, Kevin Gibson, complied.

While I make (I say with a blatant disregard for modesty) some damn good deviled eggs, these added two new ideas to my repertoire:

First – the use of horseradish. I like the spicy stuff, I have just never put it in my deviled eggs before. That will be changing from here on out! The horseradish added a welcome spicy kick that was not at all overwhelming.

Second — broiling them. Hot mayonnaise is possibly the least appealing thing I can imagine and yet these warm deviled eggs turned out to be so wonderful that I was surprised. They were melty and luscious and quite honestly, I think I will be utilizing that method pretty often for future parties. The crispness from the browned breadcrumbs also added a nice toasty bit of texture.

All together, these were divine.

Broiled Horseradish Deviled Eggs

At any rate, just like the presence of snacks promised, the night was full of good food, good times and good drinks.


we’re gonna throw away survival kits,
trade butterfly-knives for adderal
and that’s not all
ooh-ooh, there will be snacks there will
there will be snacks, there will be snacks.

— Andrew Bird “Tables and Chairs”

Rosemary Cashews

Rosemary Cashews

  •  2 cups of dry roasted cashews (or other nuts)
  • 1/4 oil (I just used vegetable oil)
  • 4-5 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Crunchy salt

In a large skillet heat up the oil until it shimmers. Add the rosemary and fry until crisp. Remove from oil and add the cashews, cooking until brown in spots. Remove from oil.

Crush the rosemary gently in your fingers so the sprigs come apart and toss in a bowl with the nuts and salt.






9 thoughts on “I’m only here for the snacks

  1. OMG–“weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!” My whole childhood just came rushing back to me. And regarding snacks–why do we bother with full meals, when snack are so perfect? Yours all sound great–I’m very intrigued by the cookies and the broiled deviled eggs.

    • The cookies were crazy. I had no idea they would be so good. Everyone raved about them. I also did some with fennel pollen instead of sesame seeds and they were just as good! And Bozo was great entertainment. Though he was mildly creepy. Still, total blast from the past!

  2. I love snacks too. You made this as if you knew I was coming for a visit. These are all my favourite snacks. I love the way you sing together with your husband. How romantic and refreshing! My warm wishes to him.

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