Here’s to making more deliciousness in 2015

Homemade Chinese BBQ Pork

Homemade Chinese BBQ Pork – getting a jump on the char siu bao

While I have a few resolutions (complete another Whole30 and to learn more about my Nikon camera), most of my hopes for the new year involve cooking. I created a new page on this blog to track my food-complishments over the next 12 months, but here’s a quick run-down:

In no particular order, some food goals for 2015:

Make more dim sum! Particularly new ones like char siu bao and shu mai.
Make black licorice
Get better at phat si ew — try a few new recipes to find the best
Make three new recipes from the Pok Pok cookbook: som tam thai, ba mii tom yam muu haeng and the sweetened condensed milk affagato
Make more with masa — get better at tortillas, pupusas and tamales!
Make a sweet/spicy fruit/pepper jelly
Make corn chips (faux Fritos)
Make ginger beer
Make faux Goldfish crackers
Make more of these cookies and make cupcakes using these
Perfect at least 6 more Jello shot recipes
Make more bread (or at least lose my fear of yeast)
Make candied ginger
Make preserved lemons
Make some good Hot & Sour Soup
Learn some pressure cookery skills
Brew some beer
Cook more with friends!

Happy New Years, everyone — wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

10 thoughts on “Here’s to making more deliciousness in 2015

  1. fantastic! Love that you’re holding yourself accountable here. Great list. Funny that I made a sort-of similar resolution involving cocktails 🙂

    • I’m thinking this list will be more success than lists like “get more organized” and “eat less candy.” 😉 Those haven’t served me well in the past. Very curious about your cocktail resolution! Sounds like a winning idea as well.

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