Stray Cat Strut: The Kitten Chronicles

Teeny tiny bundle of trouble

Teeny tiny bundle of trouble

Kitties are my weakness — maybe even more so than beer and foie gras. At house parties I am the person on the floor making friends with the host’s cats. In my neighborhood, I’m the house that stray cats flock to, knowing they will get food and pets (if they allow it).

When I started this blog, I had three cats each of whom got their own introductory post. I lost the oldest one, Friday, a few months later. Since then I’ve had only two, tuxedos Lucifer and Gus Gus, both strays that my husband and I took in after finding them on the streets. Even though they are years apart in age, they have clearly come to love each other like brothers.

cute kitties

Gus Gus giving Lucifer a bath.

While I adore my “gruesome twosome,” I admit over the past few months I have been dreaming of kittens. I’ve put off seriously looking to adopt because I guess in my heart I believe taking in a stray is the best thing to do. I also believe (since they’ve always managed to before) that the right stray will find me.

And — almost like magic — two days before Thanksgiving an abandoned kitten needing a home practically dropped in my lap. Well, literally, she was dropped at my company’s farm out in rural Oregon. I won’t spend much time talking about how callous a person must be to dump two kittens barely a month old in a box in the middle of winter…I’ll focus on the good part.

The kitten and her adorable brother, both deemed healthy by a vet, were brought to the office and immediately cuddled and fawned over by the whole staff. I laid claim to the girl kitty, a teeny tiny tortoiseshell, who the vet said weighed just over a pound. Her brother was taken home by one of my co-workers so the story really is a happy one.

Despite her small stature and young age, she is very feisty and, after a few days of seclusion to get her bearings, very intent on being a pesky little sister to my two boys. They are slowly getting used to her endless energy and constant desire to play.

So, without further ado, allow me to officially introduce to you Mimolette (yes, she is named after a cheese, a very orange cheese):


Ms. Mimolette, a textbook tortoiseshell

Tuxedo kitties, Gus Gus and Lucifer

Gus Gus and Lucifer patiently waiting to be introduced to their new sister. They slept here for 3 days.

Kittens are trouble!

Gus Gus is a little underwhelmed by the new addition


Itty bitty kitty!

14 thoughts on “Stray Cat Strut: The Kitten Chronicles

  1. Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness! Mimolette is SO cute! What a wonderful thing for you to rescue her and I bet she’ll be so happy. And of course Lucifer and Gus Gus are super cute too 😀

    • It kills me how cute she is, I have like 500 pictures of her on my cell phone (and probably 50 videos) and I’ve only had her for 10 days! I am patiently waiting for the day when they all cuddle together and my life will be complete! =)

  2. I’m in LOVE! I JUST filled out an adoption application after realizing that a stray we had been feeding and leaving the garage open for was not really a stray at all but belonged to a neighbor down the street. So I caught the kitten bug and am expecting to get a call this week to bring a little black short hair home. I’m sure my two grown up cats are going to LOVE her. Can you tell me more about how you introduced your cutie to the others?

    • Yeah, I pretty much melt when i look into her little eyes. In terms of introductions I did a good amount of research first and got some pointers. First we kept her in a separate room for several days. Then we would lock them in a side room and let her loose. Then we let them in her room when she was out so they could sniff everything. We took some of their toys and gave them to her and her blanket to them, that way they could get eachother’s scent. It’s important for her scent to really get in the house — that way they know she belongs. Then we let them see each other from a distance and then we let them have supervised visits. When we aren’t home she gets locked in her room but when we’re here they all roam free. I trust my boys not to attack her but worried they could accidentally hurt her. Also make sure to kitten proof your place. I haven’t had a kitten in 15 years — it’s exhausting! She chews on wires, gets caught in the TV cords, and doesn’t understand how not to get stepped on. But so far so good. The fluffy kitty Gus Gus likes to bathe her and Lucifer just stays out of her way. It’s really better than I ever expected. Good luck on your kitten hunt! =)

  3. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get here and emote about the adorableness of this baby doll! I have a tortoiseshell, too, and she is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known–super affectionate! It sounds like you’re doing everything right with getting the three cats acquainted–I can’t decide who i think is luckier–you or them! Looking forward to more about all 3.

    • I think it’s equal in the luck category — I certainly feel pretty lucky to have found such good, cuddly kitties on the streets. And every time they chow down on Fancy Feast, I’m sure they are feeling appreciative — well, as appreciative as a cat can! =) This is my first tortoiseshell and I can tell she’s going to be a real lover when she grows up. She likes to snuggle constantly and spends a lot of time nestled on my shoulder. Cuteness overload!

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