Zucchini pancakes with fried corn & sungolds, for when summer continues to linger…

Zucchini Pancake with Roasted Corn, Sungolds

A rainbow of happy vegetables!

I was getting ready to post about a fantastic braised shortrib pie that I made on a recent rainy day when suddenly the weather here in Portland did a swift about-face. While braising beef sounded good a week ago when it was blustery and cold, the sun is now blazing and we’re enjoying 80 degree weather with only more blue skies on the horizon.

So I decided instead to revisit a recipe that I made a month or so ago, when I was too swamped with summer’s craziness to edit the pictures, let alone write a post about it. And since I’ve still seen plenty of pretty produce in the markets, there’s time left to fit this in before the cold is upon us!

This dish came about because my friends at Gourmandistan posted their zucchini pancake recipe (accompanied by their recipe for a fried corn relish) and it all sounded too good to pass up. My parents had just handed off several zucchini and summer squash from their garden and I’m a sucker for anything with fresh corn so Michelle and Steve’s post was a basically a double whammy of perfectly timed temptation.

Funny thing — just like fresh tomatoes, my love affair with zucchini and summer squash took time to develop. As a kid, they were to be avoided at all cost. As an adult, I can’t get enough of them; sautéed, grilled, shaved and served raw, I love it all.

This preparation will make a believer out of even the most avid squash hater. Like I said to my friend Sean regarding frog legs, you can fry just about anything and it’s sure to be delicious. These zucchini pancakes (or fritters, as some may call them) are no exception.

The crispy edges are my favorite part but the whole pancake is a treat — mild in flavor and melt-in-the-mouth tender. The bonus is the recipe can be whipped up super fast, especially if you happen to have a food processor on hand. After that, it’s a whisk or two later and you’re ready to fry them up.

Topped with late summer vegetables — sungolds, corn and peppers — it’s a dish that will usher you gently into the changing of the seasons.

Pile of pancakes

Pile of pancakes

I liked them this size the best -- too big and they became hard to flip.

I liked them this size the best — too big and they became hard to flip.

Zucchini Pancake with Roasted Corn, Sungolds

This corn relish was delightful! It’d be good just tossed with greens for a light lunch.

Zucchini Pancake with Roasted Corn, Sungolds

Zucchini pancakes with fried corn, chive blossoms and garden-fresh sungolds.

Thanks again to Steve and Michelle for the inspiration! This dinner totally rocked my world.

15 thoughts on “Zucchini pancakes with fried corn & sungolds, for when summer continues to linger…

    • Oh man! The shortrib pie was insane — serious comfort food. I should have it posted by next week, I think our “endless summer” is coming to a close after this weekend so it’ll be time for rainy day dinners. The only good thing about dreary weather is the food!

    • Thanks! I really loved that fried corn with the sweet sungolds. I know you’re not much for raw tomatoes but wow — such a perfect combination. And while I’m totally clinging to the last rays of sunshine, I think our unexpected warmth will be passing soon and then it’s back to (cold & rainy) reality.

  1. oh oh oh–must make! Thought I was done with zucchini, then saw one at the farmers’ market (one of the big ones that is only good for shredding) that was begging me to buy it. So of course I did and now I know what to do with it 🙂 Great post and pix as always, J.

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