State Fairs and a crazy chaotic state of affairs

What I have not been doing enough of!

This summer I have not been doing enough of this.

September is slowly killing me. I have been so busy I’m surprised I have found time to breath! The weekend of Labor Day my husband and I went on a romantic retreat, the following weekend was Wild About Game, last weekend I went to Tacoma to see my family (and go to the fair which is an annual tradition!) and this weekend is Feast.

Every day this week there are pre-Feast parties for those of us involved in the event. Wednesday night I attended one where Chef Paul Qui served up Albacore tuna and grilled pork. Last night I went to a party called Pork of Ages where there were more than 20 roasted pig heads lined up (seriously!) and I got to meet author Ruth Reichl (yay!).

This is just a few of the heads...

This is just a few of the heads…

Tonight I’m headed to the Feast Night Market, which should be complete madness, but I will eat snacks made by chefs like Jon Shook (Animal), Philip Speer (Uchi) and Brad Farmerie (Public).

It’s a charmed life for sure, but a hectic one nonetheless!

I can imagine right now my husband is rolling his eyes as he reads this — he doesn’t get how too much fun is so exhausting to me. But it’s because it means I haven’t been able to do any of the things I find both enjoyable and relaxing: cooking, blogging and reading. Hopefully there will be plenty of that in October!

Until then here are some pictures from the Puyallup Fair (my family refuses to think of it as the Washington State Fair, which it was re-named last year). It’s one event that I never miss no matter how busy my life gets!




9 thoughts on “State Fairs and a crazy chaotic state of affairs

    • Right?! Plus it’s unique and it’s been the name of the Fair forever. And the saying “Do the Puyallup” is an actual *thing* in northern Washington. Very disappointing overall. Happily the fair burgers and scones remained unaffected and just as delicious as always.

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