Wild About Game: A weekend of meat, booze and high jinks

It's so serious we have knives engraved!

It’s so serious we have knives engraved!

We have a saying about WAG: What happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain. So I can’t show you any of the truly ridiculous pictures from last Sunday but I can show you lots of fancy food porn and I know that’s really what you’re here for.

First though, we must start at the beginning:

Welcome to the Mountain!

The view from Timberline Lodge is incredible in the summer. I hate snow, ice and the cold so I can’t speak to what it looks like in the winter, but seriously, in the summer, it’s breathtaking — even when you’re up way too early after not enough sleep!

View from Timberline Lodge

View from Timberline Lodge

Meet the Meat:

Next up is the food. At Wild About Game, the focus is on game meats. So there is everything from elk and quail to Oregon-raised water buffalo and rabbit available for sampling. We also include lots of bonus meats: locally made charcuterie, Kobe beef, hazelnut-fed pork and non-meats: cheeses, pickled quail eggs, Oregon sea salt.  And it’s all there for the eating…even the ice cream made with cherries and bone marrow!

A Happy Moment:

Have I mentioned I love foie gras? It’s my most favorite thing ever and so it was a real honor to finally meet Junny Gonzalez who is one of the pioneers in American made foie gras. She and her husband Guillermo founded Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras in 1985 and sold their duck products nationwide until the ban in California forced them to close in 2012.

I have talked to Junny and her daughters for years but this was the first year she personally flew out to WAG to serve happy party-goers her handmade (with love and truffles) foie gras terrine.

So…drinking horns are a thing?

At WAG, alcohol is everywhere. There are micro brews by the keg and distilleries sampling spirits straight up. We have wine, Champagne, Bloody Marys (even elk demi glace Bloody Marys!) and so much more. I didn’t get good pictures of most of it because I was running around, but here’s what I did catch…

All in all, it was a pretty incredible day…and I’m still exhausted from it. Wake me up next weekend for FEAST!

6 thoughts on “Wild About Game: A weekend of meat, booze and high jinks

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  2. wowza! I see Makers Mark 🙂 I do believe Bon Appetit should come a-knockin’ on your door for spreads like these. You have the experiences and writing skills–I’ll be looking for your byline 🙂

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