P is for…Powdered Sugar Poundcakes with Peaches

Powdered Sugar Pound Cakes

Move over strawberry shortcake — there’s a new sheriff in town!

I can’t recall how or when I first stumbled upon the blog Ngan Made It. It could have been in March when Ngan traveled to Portland, because I am a sucker for posts about the food scene here. Or is could have been because of the alphabet food challenge (U for Udon, anyone?) that she partakes in with a few other fellow bloggers. While that mystery will have to remain unsolved, the reasons I enjoy her blog are easy to figure out.

Ngan can be counted on for not only having fantastic sounding recipes but also drool-worthy food photos. Her latest post on Jeremies (how have I not known about these?!) will make you seriously consider licking your screen.

But beyond food, she posts about everything from her travels to good books to Moscow mules, which I appreciate because sometimes I really need some variety in my life in my WP reader. I devoured her posts on a recent trip to Tahoe because I got to see the gorgeous mountains, lakes and greenery. (I love a vicarious vacation!)

And, finally, anyone who has a coffee mug emblazoned with “you are not perky. you are obnoxious” is bound to be someone I like!

So when it came time for me to make a recipe from a blog I follow, I knew exactly whose I would turn to. And I knew exactly what recipe to try out: Ngan’s Powdered Sugar Pound Cake.

As much as I enjoy a good pound cake, especially in berry season, I have not had much luck in making them. Each one has turned out dense and tough.

But the pound cakes in Ngan’s post were so lovely, with those crackly tops of sugar and butter that you can practically taste just by looking at them, I knew it was time to try again.

Butter + Sugar = Magic

Butter + Sugar = Magic

Powdered Sugar Pound Cakes

Can’t you just imagine what the crunchy tops of these taste like?

Happily my luck has changed! These little cakes turned out perfect. The golden tops and bottoms were chewy in all the right ways and the cakes were light and moist. They are sweet but not cloying, and with a cup of black coffee, they make an excellent breakfast.

And as good they are on their own, they are even better split in half, topped with perfectly ripe peaches and pillows of freshly whipped cream.

This is the new “tastes like summer” dessert, people. Make it while you can!

Powdered Sugar Pound Cakes

One tier is lovely...

One tier is lovely…

Powdered Sugar Pound Cake with Peaches

But two is better!

13 thoughts on “P is for…Powdered Sugar Poundcakes with Peaches

  1. nom nom nom–most definitely P is for peaches. Fun to see ngan here–agreed on all counts. Thanks for sharing your experiences with her recipe. Yay, summer fruit!

    • Summer always brings out my inner fruit bat. =) I’ve been surviving on cherries, berries, peaches and pineapple for 2 months now. But this little poundcake was certainly one of the best fruity things I’ve made this summer!

    • These were SO easy it was ridiculous and the cakes cook on such a low temperature that it doesn’t heat up the house — win win in this summer heat! And yes, please check out Ngan — she makes pretty, pretty food. =)

  2. Oh dear, I’m blushing from ear to ear. Thank you for the awesome shout out and for trying the recipe. I was in fact drooling for your version when I saw it on Instagram – the peaches and cream are perfect with these pound cakes. The layered cakes look like summer on a plate. This is what cooking and blogging is all about for me – evolving a recipe to its finest. I think you’ve done that here!

    • Thank you! And thanks for the great and easy recipe. =) I am so happy to have found a pound cake recipe that I can count on. No more cake bricks! And let me tell you — with the peaches and whipped cream these were crazy good. I have a few more variations in mind — I’ll keep you posted how they turn out.

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