Baby hasselback potatoes topped with burrata

baby hasselback potatoes with burrata

Baby hasselback potatoes with burrata, crispy chicken skin and fried garlic

I love cute food. I can’t help it — give me tiny one-bite appetizers or adorable mini anything and I will love it. There’s just something about a petite portion of food that is so pleasing.

And early summer is great time to find produce to aid with this mission. There are tiny spring onions, mini patty pan squashes and the smallest new potatoes that taste like butter. A week or so ago, I was woo-ed into buying some little red potatoes and after having roasted a batch or two, I was looking for something new to try.

I had a ball of burrata cheese in my fridge, crispy chicken skin from a recently roasted bird, and thanks to this recipe, things started to come together.

I cut the potatoes thinly, hasselback style and rubbed them with olive oil, salt and pepper. They took about 45 minutes to roast at 375 degrees, a little longer than I had expected considering their size, but just cook them until they are done. Nothing is worse than an undercooked potato!

Once they were tender, I topped them with a bit of burrata, fried garlic chips, green onions and the chicken cracklings. Served up on a bed of radicchio and roasted asparagus, they were the perfect summer side dish.

These would be a great (and easy!) offering for any BBQ, potluck or party you attend this summer. If you don’t want to bother with the burrata or the chicken skin, go with sour cream and bacon bits. Or pepperjack and salsa. No matter what you use as your topping, I promise they will be a hit.

Who could resist these?

baby hasselback potatoes with burrata baby hasselback potatoes with burrata baby hasselback potatoes with burrata

19 thoughts on “Baby hasselback potatoes topped with burrata

  1. You are a very skilled food artist. This looks delicious. I’m always looking for new ways to use potatoes, and I’m definitely going to try making some hasselback potoates (maybe tonight).

    • Thanks! The chicken skin was a moment of brilliance when I realized I was out of bacon. Whenever I roast a chicken, I pick the meat off and save the skin in a different container for my husband to eat as a midnight snack. It was the perfect salty crunchy fatty complement to these little guys!

  2. My husband has made Hasselbacks with great big potatoes, and they’re wonderful. But I like this approach, too–more understated and, as you say, so cute!

    • What can I say — cute food is really my demise! I think it’s because adorable food is usually made for parties and I love a good party. So making tiny fiddly things like this makes me feel festive and happy.

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