From a carrot to a (double chocolate brownie) cookie…

Have a cookie?

Have a cookie?

The blogging world is a funny place. You start writing and then you begin to discover other people’s blogs. You start to follow those blogs and slowly you develop relationships with those bloggers. And through those friendships, you discover new bloggers, and start to follow their blogs and so on and so forth.

It’s a beautiful thing. And, in my case, it often leads to delicious recipes, as evidenced by these double chocolate brownie cookies, which I found on a post by Shanna Ward from Curls & Carrots.

I first stumbled upon Shanna’s blog because of my fellow blogger, Liz of deLizious. Liz had mentioned one of Shanna’s posts on her Facebook page and so I wandered over to have a look. The post itself was rather sad but I’m still happy Shanna wrote it because that was the first glimpse I had into the world of Curls & Carrots.

If you read C&C you’ll know it’s chock full of great recipes, for everything from vanilla & cardamom challah to udon salad, and pictures of Shanna’s adorable kids. And each post often contains multiple recipes so it’s like hitting a culinary jackpot.

Not too long ago she posted a recipe for double chocolate brownie cookies and I knew I had to make them. I also knew who I had to make them for — my mother, an admitted and dedicated chocoholic.

I finally got the perfect opportunity this weekend, when it was time for our annual family reunion. Having just returned from vacation, and freshly recovered from a post-vacation cold, I was fairly exhausted and unmotivated. I couldn’t think of what to bring for my contribution but then it hit me — who doesn’t love a cookie?

I pulled up the recipe and got to work melting chocolate, mixing and then chilling the dough, and then baking up these gloriously chocolately treats.

Yummmm! Even the dough looks sinfully rich.

Yummmm! Even the dough looks sinfully rich.

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie dough

After freezing for an hour prior to baking

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie

Needless to say they were delicious. Mostly made of dark chocolate they have an unbeatable richness. They are also a little oozy and melty like the best brownie should be.

They were quite a hit with my family, my mother especially, and they will definitely be added to my cookie rotation!

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie

Plate full of happy!

15 thoughts on “From a carrot to a (double chocolate brownie) cookie…

  1. It’s so ironic: I made these cookies yesterday. The day before, we whipped up some super-chocolate rich standard chocolate chip cookies. 🙂 Meanwhile, my two-year-olds favorite stuffed animal of the week, which goes everywhere with him, is Cookie Monster. Yes, “Me Want Cookie!” – preferably one of your perfectly baked morsels. The photos are beautiful, and the star of the show reminds me of the amazing power of sharing recipes: two identical-looking foods being in enjoyed in homes states (or even oceans) apart. I am so honored that you mentioned the blog and the recipe; it means that we are all touching each other’s lives in a small, but scrumptious, way. Enjoy your weekend! And have a cookie for me!

    • I would have had a cookie for you — but my family inhaled them! Seriously, they disappeared so quickly I was in shock. Thanks again for the recipe, I can promise you I’ll be making them again and again. =) And soon I will be brave enough to try making that vanilla challah. I’m still a newbie bread maker but the pictures of it are getting too tempting!

  2. Your observations about the blogging community are so accurate! The web of connections are fascinating. And I’m pretty fascinated with these cookies, too!

    • I know! It’s funny too when you realize how far away everyone lives from each other but you can still follow them along on their daily adventures. Hooray for technology! It may have its downfalls, but I really love how it helps connect people.

  3. Is it right that I’m relieved that there are no carrots IN this cookie, as I was half expecting to find from you post title?! There are some places where vegetables are not so welcome and this recipe looks absolutely perfect as it is! Drooling …

    • Ha! My mom (after eating several cookies) read the title and said “there were carrots in those cookies?!” I had to break it to her that there was absolutely nothing healthy in them. The way a cookie should be!

  4. Oh my gosh! I am currently suffering through a post-vacation cold. And now I am panicking that my sense of smell never comes back and I never again get to taste chocolate cookies.

    • I hate summer colds! I really caught a whopper of one too — the day before I flew home. The air pressure in the plane practically killed me. And nothing gets me more over-dramatic than a cold — I was totally a sad miserable person last week. Hope you feel better soon!

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