Returning home…

St. Paul Boat Habor

St. Paul Boat Harbor, Kodiak, Alaska

I have been offline for a while but it’s for a very good reason. I flew to my hometown, Kodiak, Alaska, for the first time in nearly a decade. I’ve been busy visiting with my family, teaching my just-21-year-old younger brother how to appreciate beer and taking a whole lot of pictures. So excuse the absence…I’ll be back soon!

12 thoughts on “Returning home…

    • So good! I decided not to bring back raw seafood this time, but bought some pickled crab and salmon and a pack of smoked black cod. Already excited to crack them open when I get home. Yum!!

  1. Me and my husband are from California, but we absolutely love traveling to Alaska and Hawaii whenever we can. We love photographing the eagles, bears and other heavenly creatures. Clean, clean air. Gorgeous scenery. God’s Country. In Hawaii, we just act like happy idiots in Paradise. Sun and bright colors.

    • Alaska is a great place to visit — I love coming home! The mountains, forests and beaches are just incredible. But I love Hawaii too — it’s the place most Alaskans go for vacation. Gotta have some sunshine and palm trees! =)

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