Street art with a side of street food in Austin, Texas

"Never give up" -- seen while kayaking on the Colorado River, Austin, TX

“Never give up” — seen while kayaking on the Colorado River, Austin, TX

As soon as I spotted this Pac-Man on the side of a bridge in Austin, I had a wave of inspiration.

I’ve been trying to cook a recipe from a favorite blog of mine each month as a kind of homage, but with this vacation and the crazy weeks leading up to it, I didn’t have time to get my culinary act together. But when I took this photo, I knew immediately what blog I wanted to mention this month — Waterfalls and Caribous.

Waterfalls and Caribous is a blog that I happen to come across long ago — I honestly can’t when I discovered it — but I was hooked immediately. While they post frequently about food, the main focus is their adventures while traveling, and seriously, they travel. I have followed them through India, Korea and into China. Their adventures can be as simple (and hilarious) as trying to find a great cup of coffee in Xi’an or as crazy as visiting the Haesindang (penis) Park in South Korea.

But I also really love that they love street art.

I’ve always enjoyed graffiti — when it’s done well — perhaps because I can’t draw at all. It’s really impressive what talented people can do with the side of a building (or bridge!) as their canvas.

So here’s some of the fun art I saw while wandering around in Austin last week:

Who doesn't love beer?

Who doesn’t love beer?

Whisler's Bar -- I just loved this place!

Whisler’s Bar — I just loved this place!

And because it’s hard for me to post about anything besides food, here’s a few street art inspired bites — brought to you from the well-known food cart East Side King. East Side King is owned by Chef Paul Qui and has a few locations — we hit up the one on East Sixth Street, in the backyard of the Liberty bar.

The pork and chicken steamed buns were good, but it was the Thai Chicken Karaage (fried chicken in a sweet-spicy sauce) and the beet fries (served with kewpie mayonnaise) that were the real winners.

In the next post (or two!) I’ll wrap up our trip — we did actually do a few things besides eat, I swear!

10 thoughts on “Street art with a side of street food in Austin, Texas

  1. How could we NOT love this post?!! Food, street art, random journeys…the stuff that makes life interesting 🙂 Lovin’ your work and particularly enjoying this sojourn around Texas. Our New Food Goal. Mmm…

    • I’m glad you liked it! Austin was a great place to explore. My husband and I try to do as much as possible every vacation bc as much as we would like to go back to each place, there are just too many new places to discover! I’m glad that I got to vicariously take you somewhere since it’s usually the other way around. =)

    • Oh I do that too! Though I do have another vacation panned next month — heading back to Alaska. That’s more of a family trip, while this one was just flat out crazy. In a good way of course! =)

      • The penis cannon is godly. Glad you got the wine… Let me know what you think! That Mounts Vineyard is my current favorite. Both are good ones.

    • I really love seeing random art in unexpected places, especially when it’s really well done. Maybe because I’m a bit jealous that I have no artistic skills whatsoever! =) Regardless Austin is very definitely a busy fun place to go!

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