Adios breakfast burritos, hola sopes benedicts!

Breakfast Sopes topped with chorizo, a fried egg and salsa

Breakfast Sopes topped with chorizo, a fried egg and salsa

Like most of Portland, I love brunch. Unlike most Portlanders, ninety percent of the time I am unwilling to wait for two hours to eat it. And while I wish my husband and I went to brunch more often, it’s just a huge time waster: wait forever, suck down a few cocktails at a nearby bar while waiting, finally get seated, stuff your face for 15 minutes because you are so hungry and then go home and nap the Bloody Marys off.

Going to brunch basically means that will be my only accomplishment of the day (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I admit).

But I’ve found cooking brunch at home is so more rewarding. My husband is usually still sleeping or just waking up when I start cooking, giving me free reign to make whatever I want.

Usually I go fairly standard — eggs and a veg-heavy hash for instance, but a few weeks ago I was feeling the need to mix it up. I had leftover masa dough from the night before and the idea of making breakfast sopes was too enticing to pass up.

I made the shells just like I did in this post and then focused on the toppings. I cooked up some chorizo, adding in some leftover carmelized onions and black beans. Garnished with a bit of queso fresco and paired with a cabbage slaw, they looked tasty enough…

Breakfast Sopes - chorizo and queso

But let’s be honest. It’s hard to consider a meal a sibling of breakfast if there’s not an egg involved.

Portland knows everything is better with an egg on it!

Portland knows everything is better with an egg on it!

Breakfast Sopes - chorizo, fried egg and salsa

Now that is a beautiful thing to start your day with!

And the best part of eating brunch at home — you can drink a beer before noon without a wait.

Breakfast Sopes - chorizo, fried egg and salsa

Now I just have to name them…breakfast sopes? Sopes Benedict? Just plain delicious?


14 thoughts on “Adios breakfast burritos, hola sopes benedicts!

  1. Portland is right: Everything IS better with egg on it! I enjoyed your take on brunch and can see why it would be better to DIY. Doesn’t matter what you call it, that egg dish looks amazing.

    • Thanks! There’s just something about a soft cooked yolk that makes everything happier. =) These were also a nice deviation from the usual brunch fare – would definitely recommend giving them a try.

  2. I visited Portland a couple years ago and waited forever for a table. I suppose it makes me feel better knowing this happens to everyone — and also the napping after bit. Brunch at home is much better, even if I get nothing else accomplished that day I accomplished making brunch.

    • People in Portland will wait FOREVER for brunch. There are places I want to eat at but never will because I cannot fathom waiting 2 hours for the first meal of the day. I also get “hangry” easily so waiting that long to eat is just asking for trouble!

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