A Year in the Making: Springtime Sugar Cookie Nests

Sugar Cookie Nests

Sugar Cookie Nests

Last year I saw some really, really cute cookies on Pinterest. They were little thumbprint cookies, topped with chocolate and decorated with tiny chocolate eggs. I had every hope of actually making them. But then life happened and my motivation for fiddling around with tiny cookies flew right out the window.

Luckily this year was less chaotic and I actually managed a few sweet spring-time experiments like homemade Peeps and — finally — these little sugar cookie nests. And I have to say they were adorable enough (and tasty enough!) to be worth the wait.

While there are TONS of cookie nest recipes around, I really liked the simplicity of this one — no mini muffin pan necessary, just a basic sugar cookie recipe and some imagination. I contemplated using coconut flakes as the grass, but in the end I went with melted dark chocolate, green jimmies and mini chocolate eggs.

Not much else to say about these except I loved them. The cookie melts in your mouth and the bittersweet dark chocolate offsets the sweetness of the candy egg. They are the perfect happy spring cookie to go with the sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny type of days we’ve been having here lately. And while I’ve never been never a huge fan of rain, I do love the flowers it brings!

Sugar Cookie Nests

The Peeps make cute plate decorations at least…

Sugar Cookie Nests

Hot pink and pastel pink are equally happy spring colors!


My lilacs are going crazy this year — love the way they smell.


Pretty, pretty tulips.

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