Meaty pictures to make up for a brief absence…

To make up for having spent some time away from WordPress (reading and writing), I am going to woo you with some fabulous food porn from my recent business trip to Seattle. Luckily for me, my business is meat and so my five days up north involved a lot foie gras, salami, wine and a bit of tequila…followed by more wine. It was quite the trip…

I’ll get a bit more in-depth later, but here are some tasty teasers for you:

More fun to come after I finish recovering from my trip, I promise!

10 thoughts on “Meaty pictures to make up for a brief absence…

  1. How exactly do I get YOUR job!???? Olympic Provisions rules. That mortadella looks to die for. (I’m doing a Roman savory bread with mortadella for my traditional Roman easter dinner… which I had some OP!)

    • A frozen pink guava Moscow mule — it was crazy good. The next day I had a sour cherry one and it was even better! They are from a Seattle company called Rachel’s Ginger Beer and everything they make is magical! =)

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