A Salty Sweet Tropical Treat: Lime & Coconut Popcorn

Sweet & Salty Lime & Coconut Popcorn

Sweet & Salty Popcorn with Coconut, Honey and Lime

Salty and sweet is not a new combination in the snack world. There’s a reason things like chocolate covered pretzels and salted caramels are so popular and I know I’m not the only one dipping french fries in my milkshakes. Salt with sugar is an amazing, glorious thing and people are constantly finding new ways to mix the two together.

Personally, over the last few years I have forgone the old-school butter-and-salt popcorn as a snack in favor of a more delicious treat — sea salt & honey butter popcorn, which I discovered a few years ago on The Faux Martha blog. The recipe is easy — equal parts melted honey and butter tossed with popcorn and salt.

Once I started making popcorn this way, I couldn’t stop. I also could not stop eating it. It is addictive in a way I had not anticipated. The honey butter makes the salt cling to the popcorn, so every bite is pure salty, sweet bliss. (You can also cut back on the butter ratio if you prefer — I tend to use less butter than honey and I still think it’s pretty awesome.)

A few weeks ago, while I was preparing a batch for a late-night treat, I grabbed the jar of honey and noticed it was sitting next to my jar of coconut oil. On a whim, I swapped coconut oil for the butter, heating it gently in the microwave with the honey.

Once the mixture was all warm and melty (and smelling wonderful by the way!), I drizzled it into the popcorn bowl, tossing the hot kernels until they were all coated. Next came a good sprinkling of salt and then the taste test.

It was pretty damn delicious but it needed something else is really make the flavors come together — and that’s where a dusting of lime zest and some toasted coconut came in. I do love me some tropical flavors!

Sweet & Salty Lime & Coconut Popcorn

A happy family

A happy family

Then I sat on my couch watching TV and eating until the bowl was empty — which did not take long. I was basically shoveling this stuff in my mouth. It was so good!

So if you are also a lover of sweet and salty treats — give this a try sometime. If you’re not big on coconut, just do butter and honey together. You won’t be sorry!

Salty Sweet Tropical Popcorn

  • Coconut Oil (melted)
  • Honey (melted)
  • Fresh Lime Zest
  • Kosher Salt
  • Toasted Coconut Flakes
  • Freshly Popped Popcorn

Mix coconut oil and honey, pour over popcorn, toss well. Add lime zest, salt and toasted coconut flakes, toss again.

Measurements seem silly — mix together and go light until you like it!

Sweet & Salty Lime & Coconut Popcorn

Sweet & Salty Lime & Coconut Popcorn



13 thoughts on “A Salty Sweet Tropical Treat: Lime & Coconut Popcorn

  1. what a great idea! Would make a lovely bar snack or nosh at a high-end restaurant. (can your husband make this happen?) And imagine the variations! Though you hit things well with this combo.

    I will join you in dipping French fries in milkshakes. I dip proudly, but always get questioning looks from folks. No one else seems to get it, despite the sweet-salty craze. ?? Am glad you get me.

    • I seriously choose my shake flavor on what I want to eat on my fries that day! Sometimes it’s chocolate, other times the simplicity of sweet vanilla. Either way, it’s yum! Anyone who thinks we’re crazy needs to take a good look in the mirror. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ooooh, now that makes me want to run right down to the kitchen and get out the popcorn! I made a curry/coconut popcorn once and it was really good. The addition of lime is brilliant. (Better rush out for the limes, I guess, though, given what I’ve been reading about the shortage.)

    • Coconut curry popcorn sounds amazing! The honey-butter version is still my stand by, but if you like fun flavors every once in a while the lime and coconut is a nice treat. It would also probably be good with some heat — a dusting of cayenne perhaps? And the lime shortage! Ugh — they are so expensive right now. It’s painful!

  3. You do come up with some dandy ideas! The salty-sweet thing has me completely hooked (and I know I sell more fleur de sel caramels than any other candy). I think I’ll start with the honey butter popcorn and work my way up . . .

    • Thanks! =) Salted caramels are still one of my all-time favorite things ever. But I have always liked salty candies like salted licorice. So good! The honey-butter popcorn is fabulous too — one bite and I was hooked. Let me know if you try it!

  4. Oh, YUM! Popcorn has deserved this kind of celebration for a long time. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to pass this along to my dairy-free friend, too. And maybe I’ll make this for dinner tonight πŸ™‚

  5. I LOVE!!! Coconut and i LOVE!! Lime flavours!!. My favourites,,fresh and juicy,,tasty and sweet!!. Transport me to that Desert island with the Lush sound of Steel Drums and the chink of Bartenders mixing Cocktails!!!. Yum Yum!!. πŸ™‚

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