A Day Trip through Oregon’s Wine Country

This is the good stuff!

This is the good stuff!

It’s common knowledge that I love Oregon’s numerous and delicious microbreweries but I have a soft spot for the wine too.

While my husband and I are far from connoisseurs, we do belong to several wine clubs and enjoy visiting — and tasting! — in wine country as much as possible. Our longtime favorite spot is Archery Summit, located in Dayton, OR, just outside of Newberg.

They focus primarily on (very high quality) pinot noirs though in the time that we’ve been drinking their wines, they have added a rosé and a pinot gris. We love the rosé so much that every few years we buy a case to keep on hand.

But the pinot noirs are really the star of the show — luscious, full and nuanced. And the view from the tasting room, high on a hill, isn’t bad either.

Last weekend we spent a slightly overcast Oregon day taking in the sights and sampling our way through a several fabulous flights of wine. We started at Archery Summit, and then moved on to White Rose Estate — a new tasting experience for us — upon a recommendation. They focus more on whole cluster style wines which made the tasting extra fun.

Here’s a peek:

Archery Summit, OregonArchery Summit, Dayton, OR

View from the top, Archery Summit, Dayton, OR.

View from the top, Archery Summit, Dayton, OR.

White Rose Estate, Dayton, OR

White Rose Estate, Dayton, OR

And because this girl can’t live without beer, we stopped at a new brewery, Chehalem Brewing, in Newberg for sandwiches and a tasting flight.

Beer samplers at Chehalem Brewing

Beer samplers at Chehalem Brewing

All in all — a day well spent!

12 thoughts on “A Day Trip through Oregon’s Wine Country

    • bourbon, good. Am assuming Gourmandistan is somewhere in Kentucky (ok, I know it is because I read about you 😉 ) and how funny that my husband and I will travel to your great state for the Bardstown Bourbon Fest in September. Can you think of a better way to celebrate 20 years of marriage? You can, I’m sure, if you don’t like bourbon, haha.

      • I got really busy at work and missed this thread somehow. Yes, we’re here in KY. And my husband loves bourbon, but I’m with Jessamine. Ugh. Brown goods. No way, no how. But, for a bourbon-loving couple, I think that sounds like a wonderful anniversary trip! Contact us before you come if you need any advice about restaurants and such. KY is lovely in the fall.

    • As a devout hater of (almost) all things bourbon related, I can say nothing makes me happier than a glass of good wine and/or a platter of beer samples! I really lucked out on moving to Oregon as a clueless 23-yr-old — for a long time I had no idea how much great stuff was just right outside of Portland. Now I’m hooked on it!

  1. Oh what lovely landscape and I think it’s a great idea to belong to wine club. I experienced belonging to a wine club long ago in Britain, and it was an unforgettable experience. We tasted a great many wines. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love wine clubs! It’s nice to try so many different things, but not have to make decisions about it – every time we pick up a shipment it’s a surprise to find out what we got. And it’s a great excuse to drive out to wine country — the beautiful scenery is certainly a bonus. I love spring and fall especially. Thanks for stopping by! =)

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