Welcome to my house, please don’t lick the walls…

Almond, banana & cherry smoothie and a different type of mimosa

Almond, banana & cherry smoothie and a different type of mimosa

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that my life is immersed in culinary culture, it is particularly apparent when you see all of the jars of paint samples in my house. See, my husband and I have been trying to agree upon a color for our living room (and kitchen and bedroom) so we’ve been buying sample after sample to test out on the walls.

Our living room now boasts some fun (and delicious sounding) modern art:

tasty sounding paint colors

Oh cornbread…you looked so good on paper, wow, were you ugly on the wall.

After a long uninspiring battle with various shades of yellow, we have changed tactics and moved on to blues. Last weekend my husband suggested I paint an even larger section of the living room with sea salt (so far the front-runner) to see if we both still like it.

To get my strength (and sanity) up, I made a smoothie. A fabulous smoothie, in fact. I based it on the banana almond smoothie from the BA Food Lover’s Cleanse but added a few extra goodies to coax it into excellence.

I was hoping for an almost clafouti type of flavor, but the cherries are a bit too mild for that. Instead it was simply slightly sweet (cherries and banana), totally filling (protein from almond butter) and fairly healthy (almond milk instead of juice).

It also gave me the strength to consider the kitchen.

I think mimosa (far right) is winning this race.

I think mimosa (far right) is winning this race.

Anyways, make this if you need a quick breakfast, a post-work out treat or a snack before dinner. I also won’t tell if you add some vodka and consider it a frosty fruity cocktail (been there, done that).

Almond, Banana and Cherry Smoothie

Almond, Banana and Cherry Smoothie

Almond, Spinach and Cherry Smoothie

Almond, Spinach and Cherry Smoothie

Jessamine’s ABC Smoothie

  • 1 TB almond butter
  • 1/4 cup (approximately) unsweetened almond milk
  • 1-2 drops almond extract (optional)
  • Half a banana, preferably sliced and frozen
  • 1/4 cup frozen pitted sweet cherries
  • 2-3 handfuls spinach
  • Spoonful or two of Greek yogurt

Blend together — enjoy!

Looks sketchy, tastes awesome!

Looks sketchy, tastes awesome!

17 thoughts on “Welcome to my house, please don’t lick the walls…

  1. Blues are so hard. They can be horrible (yes, I know, from experience), but when they work, they’re great! However, for the past decade or so, I’ve been on a yellow kick. In any shade, yellow is almost always happy. Sounds like a great smoothie, but the spinach is perhaps a step too far for me.

    • Yeah I have the blue blues. I had such high hopes for Pleasant Valley. In the jar it’s so so pretty. On the wall, it’s a little much, especially for a big space. I’m with you on yellow though — so cheerful and happy! Also the spinach is practically tasteless — the fruit covers it up almost entirely. It’s really delicious! =)

  2. That’s disgusting.

    Where are you finding all these house paints named after foods?? Is there a home improvement store for chefs and culinary industry professionals in Portland??? (And would that really surprise anyone?) Are the colors scratch and sniff? In which case, it’s a draw between lemongrass and custard. (And OH, if you mixed them…)

  3. I was liking the mimosa from the first lot of samples on the wall.
    It looks rich enough without being garish.
    Yellows are difficult… they look so innocent on the little chip sample.

    • I like the mimosa too! I’m really pushing my husband to let me use it in the kitchen. We have big windows in there so I think it would be so pretty.

      And I’m glad you know where I’m coming from. Innocent paint chips have led me down some interesting paths. Before I learned about sample cans, I painted my bathroom a practically fluorescent shade of green!

  4. It is always so hard picking out paint! It really is a process especially when you start considering what it looks like in all sort of light. The smoothie looks yummy!

    • I know — it’s killing me! I now have a huge portion of my wall painted in Sea Salt so I could really see it in the daylight. So far I’m still liking it so I think it’s the winner. But working up the energy to actually paint may take a bit of time!

  5. I grew up in a yellow kitchen. Now, my house has a yellow kitchen. We love it because there’s plenty of natural light in the morning. Don’t need to turn on the lights. You’re smart to paint samples on the walls. I recently painted my bathroom, and what I thought would be a real winner turned out to be dirty Barbie doll beige. Yeccch!!!

    • I love a yellow kitchen! We have a teeny tiny house but lots of windows and I love the idea of it helping to light up the house and make it seem airy. I have also learned my lesson about always trying out samples! One bad paint job will scar you for life! 😉

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