Eating well in the Emerald City

Party favor: Pumpkin & Bourbon Chocolate Bar

Party favor: Pumpkin & Bourbon Chocolate Bar, Canlis Restaurant

My husband and I had big plans for Nov. 18th. We had heard about a pretty amazing dinner involving some big names in the culinary world. René Redzepi (of Noma fame) was headed to the Pacific Northwest to do a dinner with local talents Matt Dillon and Blaine Wetzel.

Sadly we called an hour after the ticket sales opened to find the dinner had long since sold out. And, to add insult to injury, the wait list was twice as long as the number of reserved seats. *Sigh*

To make ourselves feel better we decided to go up to Seattle anyways. I cashed in my last vacation day and we spent 36 blissful hours in the big city to the north.

Our first stop was in West Seattle to meet up with one of my friends and his girlfriend. We hit up Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky and indulged in their brunch claim-to-fame: endless mimosas for $12. Since I wasn’t the one driving, let me tell you — I got my money’s worth! Also the fried chicken was amazing. Seriously.

Fried chicken, biscuits and endless mimosas at Ma'ono

Fried chicken, biscuits and sausage gravy at Ma’ono

The next day we set out for one of the newest darlings of the Seattle food scene: The Whale Wins, run by Chef Renee Erickson. The vibe of the restaurant was an interesting juxtaposition — minimal but somehow still homey and warm with a touch of feminine charm. If I lived in the city, it would probably be one of my favorite spots to go. The service was great and the food was fantastic.

The Whale Wins

Their artwork is also pretty awesome!

After lunch, we spent some time browsing at The Book Larder and then we headed to the Melrose Market: home to an awesome butcher shop (Rain Shadow Meats), a fabulous cheese shop (the Calf and the Kid) and an ultra adorable crafty type boutique store (Butter Home).

This was one of the goodies we bought to take home:

Who could resist a giant wedge of butter?

Who could resist a giant wedge of butter?

We ended the trip with an 8-course tasting menu at Canlis — Seattle’s most distinguished fine-dining restaurant. Everything we ate was unbelievable, from beginning to end. The macarons (Negroni flavor? Delicious!) at the end were a nice touch, as was the take-away gift of a housemade chocolate bar. Here are some of the other highlights from the meal:

I love a little amouse bouche!

I love a little amouse bouche!

Venison with red cabbage and green apple

Venison with red cabbage and green apple (my favorite dish of the night)

Chocolate Ganache with Quince

Chocolate ganache with quince and brown butter

Negroni and Apple Pie macarons

Negroni and Apple Pie Macarons

All in all, we had a damn good time!

7 thoughts on “Eating well in the Emerald City

  1. Oh man. I’ve been THIS close to planning a trip to Copenhagen just to try Noma. I frequently consult the Noma cookbook for visual inspiration if not the dishes themselves. (I am NOT serving my friends lumpfish roe on birch ash with moss!) Sorry you missed that dinner. But sounds like you made up for it! I need some fried chicken and whisky.

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