Feasting in Portland: Another epic food weekend

Fried baloney sandwich, by Chef Sean Brock. Rocked my world.

Fried baloney sandwich, by Chef Sean Brock. Rocked my world.

So for the second in year in a row, Portland has hosted Feast, an extravagant food festival that lasts for four days and bring in chefs of international fame. Last year I attended a few events (primarily the Night Market and the Oregon Bounty), this year I attended a few new ones, including the rather exclusive High Comfort dinner.

Here’s a peek into my time at Feast…

The Sandwich Invitational: This event is one of the first big ones to kick off the weekend. Chefs like Sean Brock, Paul Qui and Duff Goldman fly in to join local talent in a satiating ode to the sandwich. Some of the fare played on old favorites — such as Brock’s fried baloney — while some were just a bit out there — like Qui’s rabbit 7 ways. Widmer Brothers Brewing did several beer pairings which I fully appreciated and, as always, there was tons of Oregon wines to try as well. Yum!

The Oregon Bounty: This event is more of a free-for-all. Booths are set up all over Pioneer Square in downtown Portland and attendees can sample wares as they walk through. There was Jacobsen’s sea salt, Tillamook cheese, Bee Local honey, Salt & Straw ice cream (mint with sea urchin — unbelievably good) and so much wine I didn’t know what to drink next. Seriously trouble!

High Comfort: This is the fancy event that makes the most of the big-name chefs like Stephanie Izard, Matthew Lightner and (sigh) April Bloomfield. Attendees can eat gloriously prepared food to their heart’s content while drinking endless glasses of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne. Oh yes, endless.

Thankfully for my liver and my waistline, Feast is over for another 12 months!

The end!


14 thoughts on “Feasting in Portland: Another epic food weekend

    • This was definitely one of the most fun food events I’ve attended this year. Doesn’t hurt that I got in for free since my company helps sponsor it. Makes that endless champagne taste even better! =)

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