Tales from the Garden: Can you dig it?

Sunchokes from my garden

Sunchokes from my garden

My single sunchoke plant from last year turned into 30 this year. The plants grew like crazy, each one boasting tons of pretty flowers:

Sunchoke blossoms

Sunchoke blossoms

Last week the flowers at the top finally died and it was harvest time.

This is from just two plants!

First sunchoke harvest of the year

Hello my precious! I can’t wait to eat you.

9 thoughts on “Tales from the Garden: Can you dig it?

    • It’s a tasty one! Produces rhizomes that look like a cross between a potato and ginger root. The flavor is nutty and a bit sweet. Very unique. Delicious roasted or in a creamy soup. You’ll see more about it soon! =)

  1. gotta love the title–heehee 🙂 Yes, I dig it for sure. Has been so long since I’ve had sunchokes. Looking forward to you re-educating me.

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