A new pickle will perk up old summer favorites

Pork Tacos w. Pickled Corn

Pork Tacos w. Pickled Corn

These three things are not much of a surprise to anyone who knows me: I love corn, pickled anything (except herring) and culinary magazines. So when I came across a recipe for pickled corn in the latest issue of Bon Appetit, I waited…oh, like two hours before making it.

Seriously. Two hours, no lie. The magazine arrived that afternoon, I leafed through it while basking in the sun and then it was time to start cooking.

My husband and I had decided to make tacos for dinner and I had two beautiful fresh ears of corn that I wanted to use up. I almost just shucked them and added them to the pot of beans but then I gave in and made this instead. It seemed too serendipitous to resist the temptation.

And I am so glad I gave it a try — not only was the relish incredibly easy to make, but it’s also incredibly delicious. The corn stays crunchy and semi-sweet, with the sharp tang of vinegar and a kick of heat coming through with each bite. It’s an easy fixing to put on top of grilled steak or pork, summer salads or even burgers (I have tried it on all of those things in the past 10 days).

But really, it made these tacos rock:

Pickled Corn

It would have been prettier with red onion, but this was still fabulous...

It would have been prettier with red onions, but trust me, this was fabulous…

It’s so good that my jar is almost empty — guess it’s time to work on batch #2!

11 thoughts on “A new pickle will perk up old summer favorites

  1. I so thought of you when I saw this! (actually I think of you everytime I see Bon Appetit anything) What did you think of the ice cream on the cover? Have yet to start reading mine, but am looking forward.

    Nice job on the tacos. Fun plate and pretty little mason jar 🙂

    • Ha — my love affair with BA is so predictable! =) I’m definitely excited to play around with the ice creams — I just feel like this month has gotten away from me. I was actually shocked when this issue showed up because I felt like I had just gotten the last one. Summer snuck up on me this year!

      • um, yeah. I finished reading it today, but that was only after finding it on the bottom of a pile a few days ago. Will say that for as much fun as I’m having, the summer is most definitely kicking my butt. Am exhausted! Wish there was more time to play in the kitchen for sure. Though. Tonight made the celery simple syrup and have seen so many mentions (yours included) of celery sodas, etc. The syrup is crazy pretty and can’t wait to use it. Next we’ll be seeing celery-infused ice cream, though it’s probably already out there. Love all the fun foods you saw at the fancy pants (in a good way) event you attended 🙂

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