Using liquid nitrogen to create the ultimate cool down cocktail

Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

Making a frosty gimlet with liquid nitrogen

Whenever my husband participates in a culinary event, I know it means our fridge will be full of delicious leftovers. Last weekend he was part of Plate & Pitchfork, an event that connects chefs with farmers to help benefit different charities. The chefs use produce from a specific farm and prepare a 5-course meal for around 80 diners. The entire event is held in the middle of the chosen farm, so it usually involves butane burners, a massive grill and some serious dedication.

Because my husband is a big fan of making an impression, every event he does he goes a little crazy. This time, crazy meant grilling up Iberico solomillo, the tenderloin from the exclusive acorn-fed Spanish hogs, and using liquid nitrogen to create a sweet corn ice cream on the fly.

Some awesome pictures of the event can be found here. But, to help entice you, here’s a picture that my friend DB took of the ice cream being made:

making ice cream a la minute with liquid nitrogen

Food with flair — making ice cream a la minute with liquid nitrogen

While I missed the event itself due to a family reunion, I have been reaping in the benefits all week long, mostly in the form of food (the joke in our house has been “Iberico, again?”). But the most exciting item my husband brought home was the half-full container of liquid nitrogen, which can be used to do all kinds of fun culinary things.

Our first experiment was (of course!) a cocktail. Feeling adventurous, we made a Celery Gimlet by combining fresh-pressed celery juice, simple syrup, lime juice and gin.

We put the cocktail mixture in a metal bowl and slowly poured in liquid nitrogen.

The liquid nitrogen fog adds to the fun

The liquid nitrogen fog adds to the fun

With each addition, we whisked like crazy to get a texture much like a granite. Within minutes our concoction went from a liquid to this:

The best adult slushie ever!

The best adult slushie ever!

Then it was served up with a lime slice and ready to enjoy!

Yes please!

Yes please!


12 thoughts on “Using liquid nitrogen to create the ultimate cool down cocktail

    • Oh yeah it was delicious, super refreshing! The best part about using liquid nitrogen is you can use more booze and still have it freeze so this cocktail was half gin. We also froze whole fresh raspberries to make berry “caviar” which was really cool.

      • Hmmm, interesting. I may have to experiment with it. I’m sort of anti-modern gadget cooking (sous vide, pacojet, etc.). But mostly that’s for no real reason but rather just cuz I like to be anti- whatever is trendy.

        • I always resist the gadgets but my husband loves messing around with new things and experimenting. And while I pooh-poohed the thermal circulator when he bought it, I have to say it’s been pretty amazing to play with. The liquid nitrogen I was very hesitant about but it was really fun to see what it can do. Definitely good for putting on a show!

          • My chef friend did a dinner and at the end popped a liquid nitrogen cookie thing in my mouth. Everyone was oohing and ahhing as a puff of mist came out of their mouths. But I was thinking “Yeah, but does it taste good??”

  1. oh my goodness, wow! that’s extremely cool, though I’d expect nothing less from a trend setter such as yourself 😉 saw a “recipe” for a celery-infused simple syrup to be added to a gin and tonic. Your “beverage” looks tasty and then some.

    • Ha, thanks! It was totally fun to play mad scientist. =) I love the idea of a celery gin and tonic. We’ve been on a celery kick ever since we tasted an amazing homemade celery soda on our last trip to Seattle. It’s such a great thirst quenching flavor and really goes well with booze.

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