Messy, awesome & delicious: scenes from a crawfish boil

Portland Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil in St. Johns

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’re probably familiar with that bridge in the background. It’s the St Johns bridge in Portland, OR and it means I’m cooking at my friend DB’s house.

These pictures were all taken at his Fourth of July crawfish boil. Being a bit crazy, he shipped 45# of live crawfish from Louisiana. Then, worried he would run short on food, he bought an additional 10# of Oregon crawfish. I had no idea we even had local crawfish!

Each batch was cooked in a flavorful broth of seasonings, onions, garlic and lemons. Potatoes were thrown in first and then the crawfish were added. Once they were bright red and cooked through, the heat was turned off, corn and andouille sausages were added and the mixture sat for 20 minutes to allow all of the flavors to permeate.

Then the pot was dumped out on a newspaper-covered table for guests to enjoy.

And enjoy, we did. When I left, completely stuffed full of great food, he was on batch number four, with another 10-12# of live crawfish still remaining!

Oregon Crawfish

Oregon Crawfish

Backyard Crawfish Boil

Backyard Crawfish Boil

Full pot of goodness!

Potatoes, onions, corn, sausage and a ton of crawfish…

Dumping out the goodness!

Dumping out the goodness!

Crawfish Boil

Things are about to get messy!

25 thoughts on “Messy, awesome & delicious: scenes from a crawfish boil

  1. In Western Australia (they are called different names in different states) we call them yabbies and unless you live in a farming community they are almost impossible to get as they are not farmed here. I used to have a property where they lived in the dam but I left there long ago. I haven’t had them in an age and those look so good. I bet they are just as delicious in the USA.

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