A sad farewell to the Last Frontier

Leaving Alaska

Leaving Alaska

Last night I said goodbye to my family and headed back home to Portland. It’s hard to believe that my mini-vacation is over. I had so much fun the days flew by!

I also realized that I have a much greater appreciate for my home state after having been away for so long. The sheer beauty of the landscape had me pulling out my camera every five minutes — I’m sure I took more pictures than your average tourist!

Here’s a few more scenes from my trip:

The Anchorage Saturday Market was awesome. Lots of craft booths, food and music.

I also loved seeing one of my favorite flowers:

Lupine in Alaska

Alaskan Lupines

And I got to celebrate the summer solstice there. The sun didn’t set until almost midnight every evening and it was often still light enough out at 1am that I could see outside.

Midnight Sun

This was around 10 pm…hard to believe!

And did I mention how pretty it is?

Till next time, AK.

Till next time, AK.

*sigh* I guess it’s time to starting planning my return!

5 thoughts on “A sad farewell to the Last Frontier

  1. Next time you’ll have to go to Kodiak too. That’s how I felt there — visiting lots of my favorite places and taking lots of pictures!

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