Triple Threat Wings are Violently Delicious

Triple Threat Chicken Wings

Triple Threat Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, cooked the way my grandma always makes them, are a nostalgic food for me. The recipe she uses has been in the family for years and with one bite, they instantly transport me back to my childhood. Cooked low and slow, the wings end up as glossy little things, coated in a sticky mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar and wine. I love them so much it’s hard for me to even contemplating trying out a different wing recipe.

However, fellow Portland dweller Cam (who makes “violently delicious food for a modern life”) just posted a recipe for Triple Threat Chicken Wings on her blog Gekiuma. Her photos of the lacquered wings dripping with garlic, ginger and chilies were enticing enough to make me reconsider. And it seemed too much of a coincidence, serendipitous in fact, that I happened to have a package of chicken wings in the fridge.

So within 24 hours of her post, I broke tradition and gave her Triple Threat Wings a shot.

It was easy enough — roast the wings at a high temperature until they are super crispy and just cooked through. Make a sauce, reduce it and toss together.

Simple, but oh-so-effective.

Wing Sauce (before being reduced): includes ginger, garlic, honey, soy and more!

Wing Sauce (before being reduced): includes ginger, garlic, honey, soy and more!

Crispy naked wings

Crispy naked wings

Triple Threat Chicken Wings

Triple Threat Chicken Wings

The result, in one word: amazing. They were crispy, spicy and salty. Mine didn’t turn out quite as deeply red as Cam’s, I think I needed to reduce the sauce a smidge more. But they were still addictively good, I couldn’t stop sneaking “just one more.” My husband also polished his share off in record time.

For the how-to, visit Gekiuma, where Cam will woo you with more awesome recipes for things like shiozake or beer battered halibut cheeks.

Triple Threat Chicken Wings

A plate full of awesome

10 thoughts on “Triple Threat Wings are Violently Delicious

  1. Sounds so good it made me want to smash something!!! (violent!!) Reminds me of tasty 2x cooked fried Korean wings. Wings are the best part of the chicken, aren’t they. I hear they’re working on genetically engineering chickens with eight wings. Spiderchickens!!!

    • Yes, the wings are the best (besides the butt, of course, I love that little fatty triangle of heaven). And I am totally, absolutely on board with spiderchickens. It must happen! I need it to happen!

  2. So glad you liked them! I’m tempted to make them again when the heat wave abates somewhat although there are so many things clamoring for my well loved oven 🙂

    I think (from the photos) that I did reduce my sauce a bit more than yours but I suspect some of the darker color came from my dim wattage chandelier vs your lovely natural lighting. Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I spend so much time with my own cooking that I wonder if my taste buds have become skewed so it’s good to know my love of ginger hasn’t gone over the deep end ^_^

    Oh, and I’d totally get behind some spider chickens!

    • Oh yes, they were seriously awesome! My husband inhaled them so quick I ran to hide the last two pieces so I could eat them today as a snack. I’m definitely making them again soon (when it’s not 80-million degrees outside!) and reducing it longer. The ginger was spot on — of course, I also adore ginger so my taste buds may be skewed as well. =)

      And we *really* need to get some genius working on that spiderchicken idea. Then you could roast a chicken and share the wings with your husband — and by share I mean 2 for him and 6 for you. That’s fair, right?

    • Do it! They were so good I’m already pondering batch #2. =) I’m a sucker for anything with the garlic-ginger-chile combo and these nailed it. Plus the high-heat roasting made them super crispy.

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