My cats like it when I cook…

Simply for the possibility that the kitchen window will be open.

Tuxedo kitties in window

Longing for the squirrels that they cannot chase.

Tuxedo kitties in window

The gruesome twosome: always optimistic that one day the screen will not be there.


10 thoughts on “My cats like it when I cook…

  1. When our inside-only cat used to look out the window of our apartment, we used to say she was looking out into the “Big Room”. (“If only I could get out there into the Big Room…”)

    • Ha, “big room.” I like that! My cats are former strays so they — annoyingly — know what’s out there and they want it SO badly. We stopped letting them out a few years ago because I just worried too much (and the fluffy one isn’t very bright). Now they are bent on escape.

  2. Oddly enough, my cat does the same thing when I take a shower hahaha I crack the window, since she’s an indoor kitty, any sort of peek outside is exciting for her πŸ™‚ Your cats are super cute!

    • Thanks! They are adorably evil. =) Whenever we shower they sit on the edge of the tub (in between the two shower curtains) and meow. Maybe I should open a window to distract them so I can finally have a peaceful shower!

  3. Cute stuff, thought they look like they could be trouble πŸ˜‰ Our cat pushed out a screen window once and let herself out. We discovered her absence hours later, then she didn’t turn up for three days. Bet you have a story or two (or three or four) about yours!

    • Yeah they are all dressed up (tuxedo kitty joke) and ready for trouble! We’ve had Lucifer (the shorthair) for 8 years and he used to go outside. But the fluffy one (Gus Gus) one is a fairly recent addition and he is just too dumb. They were both strays but I’m not sure how Gus Gus managed before us. We noticed he had a habit of laying in the middle of the road. So now they are both inside kitties and I feel much better about it. I can’t imagine what I would do if they didn’t come home! Where do you think your kitty was hiding? Just wandering and enjoying her freedom?

      • no idea where she went as we live in a very suburban neighborhood. I was just thrilled she found her way home as we’d given her up for gone. Funny story on that: my husband and I were in the house cleaning out the front hall closet and having an extremely heated discussion. I opened the door to storm out and in prances kitty like she had never left. We were so relieved to see her that we started laughing and the fight was over. But a few days later she stopped eating and $600 (arrgh) later we had her cured of a swollen throat probably caused by something she ate in the “wild.” That’s what keeps us from having two–doubling the medical bills.

        Love that you have strays. Great names πŸ™‚

  4. So cute! I wish I can have a cat, but I have two dogs, live in an apartment, and one of them would terrorize it. At least I have my volunteering at a no kill shelter where I get to take care of and play with kitties! Love tuxedo kitties πŸ™‚

    • That’s awesome that you volunteer at a no-kill shelter. I would love to do that! I do my share by feeding and petting (and occasionally adopting) strays. I’ve been a crazy cat lady since I was a kid! And I really love these guys in their tuxedos, I joke all the time about how they’re all dressed up with no place to go. =)

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