Dreaming of umbrellas in my drink!

Eastern Caribbean, Half Moon Cay in 2010

Eastern Caribbean, Half Moon Cay in 2010

I’ve been a little MIA this week and that’s because a lot has been going on in my life. Last weekend was the NW Food Service Show where my company had a booth, then an episode of Bizarre Foods (in which we were featured) aired on Monday night and today I leave for vacation. The last seven days have been a whirlwind and it’s about to continue for the next seven days.

Last year my husband and I went to French Canada (hello foie gras!) and this year we are headed to the French Caribbean (St. Maarten). Clearly, next year we just need to go to Paris!

Anyways, the 37-mile island (which is said to have 37 beaches) is divided up between two countries, half is owned by the Netherlands and the other half by France. This means big casinos, clubs and duty-free shopping on the Dutch side, gourmet restaurants, unpasteurized cheeses and nude beaches on the French side. You can pass between the two countries easily — no need to stop at the border.

Being from Alaska, I am all about as much hot weather as possible so I’m planning to spend as much time in the sun with a cocktail as I can. But, given that we are staying on the French side of the island (of course!), I’m also hoping to eat some really good food!

The internet is said to be shaky there but I’ll try post a bit if I can. Until then, here’s some pictures of vacations past so you can see my current state of mind — which is basically so excited I can barely stand it!

Parasailing on Half Moon Cay

Parasailing in Half Moon Cay

That tiny dot in the sky is me!

That tiny dot in the sky is me!


10 thoughts on “Dreaming of umbrellas in my drink!

  1. love your title–I have drink umbrellas on hand so can make any drink (even chocolate milk 🙂 ) tropical. Happy vacation and sounds like you’ve been busy with fun stuff!

  2. I was supposed to spend a summer in St. Martin (French side) when I was about 14. My mom’s (French) boyfriend was building a hotel there. And then some sort of rebellion broke out and it wasn’t safe, so I couldn’t go. I was very disappointed. So I went to Paris instead.

    • Oh, tough break. I’d feel bad for you but well, Paris and all. Must have been rough! =) This place is freakin’ gorgeous though — the sand, the water, the rum, the really old naked French ladies on the beach…I’m sold!

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